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Think you have a problem?
You better buy something

Why is the news always bad?

The short answer, in case you haven’t noticed, is because worried people buy more needless products to alleviate their insecurity.

From breath mints to Kevlar vests — or best are get rich quick schemes, like Lotto tickets — we buy these things because we’re scared shitless of practically everything, never moreso than today.

There you have the secret of successful business strategy. Many a millionaire empire has been carved out of putting a product or service in between the consumer and his fear of death, even though most examples are far subtler than this.

Governments run that way, and so do salesmen. And no matter how smart they are, the people buy what they’re told to buy.

The criminals and their crimes

Every item on the news feed every day demonstrates that formula.

Today it’s nuclear war/Build a bomb shelter. Not looking the way you’d like/Get a nose job. Perhaps it’s a dread disease/Take a pill, or more recently (you might remember), get an injection guaranteed to cure what ails you.

The human mind constantly stretches itself, in every instant, to avoid danger. That danger ultimately relates to concerns about your safety which rapidly increase to the cost of your life.

Every story you read in the newspaper has an unconscious hook to make you worried about your own well being. From there it’s just a short step to making a purchase to resolve the problem. To eliminate the threat by purchasing something you think will alleviate your fear, when most of the time — as with smoking, drinking or drug taking — it does just the opposite.

From vitamins to nuclear war, the syndrome is the same. The best product is a universal panacea that cures a common problem. Like aspirin. Trouble is, most of the cures are illusory. But profitable.

Eustace Mullins warned us that Big Pharma would become the most powerful force in the world, and that was even before the criminal drug makers figured out how to make the disease and the cure at the same time, which is now standard operating procedure at the Centers for Disease Control.

The same familiar signature

Which is why the public believed what the government said was a dangerous plague when it wasn’t and took their recommended medicine which they said was safe when it wasn’t and wound up killing themselves in the past, present and future.

Sure some of us already know all these planned disasters are meant to cover up the looting of all the bank accounts in the world, which has already happened.

And the trick the thieves have used to get away scot-free?

You cannot overthrow a system when the majority of the world’s population are making money from it. This also explains the behavior of the world’s politicians who assure us they have our best interests at heart but forget those words when they accept their clandestine payoffs.

All the wars of the 20th century have been for the expansion of Israel and this one in Ukraine is no exception.

Jews already control all the factions. Russia is dominated by the Lubavitchers who break bread with Putin, Ukraine’s president is a Jew with bank accounts all over the world (like Lenin) and plush condos in Italy and Miami, and the U.S. is thoroughly drenched in Jewish politicians who routinely wipe the floor with their goyim puppets.

If you’re thinking about solutions, remember Donald Trump’s son-in-law is a Lubavitcher and Ron DeSantis conducts Florida’s business with Israel in mind, if not actually IN Israel.

Beleaguered people speak of Klaus Schwab with his deployment of his political students in leadership positions all over the world, and of George Soros with his paid-for district attorneys releasing criminals in a rush to further the aims of the Jewish destabilization template with the corpses of goyim victims.

And who can even describe a member of America’s congress or the Russian duma who may not even run for office without signing a document that pledges to support Israel. Did I mention Schwab and Soros are both Jewish.

Cultivating insecurity

Worried about your safety? You better buy a gun or a new security system.

Not looking like you’d like to look? Boy, do we have a magic pill for you.

You say your hair is falling out? Try this new Brylcreem glue at a special introductory price.

When you get so worried you can no longer even think, that’s when you go out and buy something, a new TV, a Course in Miracles, or a bag of fudge.

So now you’re really worried about the threat of nuclear war, and you don’t know which narrative to believe as the Jewish-controlled nation of Russia invades the Jewish-controlled nation of Ukraine while the Jewish-controlled nation of America hovers nearby, wagging its nuclear weapons like the brooms wicked witches wield on Halloween, which it is, only in February.

Hmm, what shall we buy? How about a subscription to the Jewish-owned New York Times? Or it might be quicker to watch Jewish-owned CNN? Or Jewish-owned NBC, ABC or CBS or Fox, all Jewish-owned.

How about seeing what Jewish-owned Pravda has to say, or Jewish-owned Alex Jones can bellow at us? No, then let’s turn to Jewish-owned Al-Jazeera to hear what the Arabs have to say. Oh right, CNN owns half of Al-Jazeera and the Saudi Arabs have just admitted they were Jewish.

OK, let’s forget about mainstream media, go to the Internet, where freedom reigns supreme. Google? Jewish. Facebook (now Meta, promoting porn)? Jewish. Twitter? Jewish. Pay Pal? Jewish.

If you’re thinking that the whole world and all the media you can access is like a demonic episode of a modern-day Twilight Zone, you’ve finally begun to access the real program, the one you should have been watching all these years.

We’re all trapped in a deliberately inflicted Jewish nightmare and most people don’t have a clue.

And, oh yes, why has the news always been bad? Because since Paul Reuter invented the first wire service in 1851, the purveyors of news have always been owned by Jews, if they weren’t the Jews themselves doing the reporting, which is definitely the case today. Mr. Reuter was of course a Jew.

And what is the message they always bring? Well, if you’re worried, why not buy this product to take you mind off your problem? It’s guaranteed to work. And just who owns the product? I’ll let you answer that. Just check out Black Rock and Vanguard. And guess who owns them?

So what do they always say?

Start shooting each other today and we will make a profit, just as we have always done.

And if you really want to worry about that, why, just read your local newspaper.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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