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Supporting your country’s
manipulative madness
is now a criminal offense
in the eyes of the world



The big problem right now is that in the West there is no truth; there is wishful thinking and there is this impression of success by the Ukrainians that doesn’t stack up. The biggest lie I’ve heard repeated on television is, Russian troops have been told to deliberately murder Ukrainian civilians . . . That’s absurd, it’s nonsense.

— Col. Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D.,
former senior adviser
to the U.S. Secretary of Defense

It is both a danger and a duty to disagree with the government of the country in which you live. It is a danger to your own safety, but a duty to humanity to be honest about lies and crimes you know are morally wrong.

As history has clearly proven, it is far more dangerous to unquestioningly accept specious patriotic propaganda than it is to examine it thoroughly, critically and honestly. If you aspire, or even pretend to be an honest person with some level of integrity, you may not avoid these questions as you contemplate the sinister shadow of the incomprehensible irresponsibility of the masses whose slavish silence slyly turns decent people into a dishonest cowards responsible for the wreckage of the world.

How many times in the sordid history of the USA have the initial claims of pompous government publicists reading the instructions of greedy Jewish bankers been revealed as false?

Recount the suppressed details of the Revolutionary War after which England really never lost its grip on “the colonies”; the Civil War which was an illegal invasion of states that were deprived of their legal right to secede; World Wars I and II which were based on contrived attacks known in advance to be frauds that enabled puffed-up politicians to declare wars that slaughtered millions needlessly; Vietnam based on an attack that never happened, and lately 9/11, supposedly perpetrated by fictitious Arab terrorists flying airliners they could not possibly have flown.

Almost as an afterthought we watched the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan based on vaporous evidence and racist fantasies centered around the theft of natural resources — oil and drugs — having nothing to do with a threatening enemy. Then squandering the $84 billion in equipment we left behind along with the troops who were sacrificed to the incompetence of the malicious moron in the White House.

Did you actually vote for Joe Biden? Of course you didn’t. He was elected by all those one-way ballots in the middle of the night which produced that 300 percent voter turnout in that one county in Wisconsin, among other preposterous frauds that Big Media to this day pretends never happened.

The same sorry story

Now we’re being stranded on that same cynical merry go round with a fake disease and murder by injection followed by a wannabe World War 3 for which we have primed the pump by our own production of yet another revolution that never needed to happen but for the insatiable greed of giant corporations and power mad politicians who rule by lies and murder by millions raining down high tech death from the skies, prostituting children and selling dangerous drugs around the world.

This is the America you pretend to defend, virtue signaling to your fellow superficial friends that you support the Great Satan the Ayatollah always said we were.

These are lies which by your indifference you support, condemning you as an accessory by association after the fact to the mass murder of millions more innocent bystanders, never once asking how you would feel if one of those unlucky victims was a member of YOUR family. As it stands now, they all are only unlucky numbers on the evening news that you can afford to ignore. In your ignorance what you cannot see is how each of these anonymous deaths erodes and destroys your comfortable life which you keep telling yourself, erroneously, is secure.

Just now you are beginning to see that secure is no longer the term you would choose to describe your suddenly precarious future.

If you support your current government of Joe Biden and his cretinous cadre of perversely programmed bureaucrats, then you’re not only an idiot, but a criminal — an accessory to the carnage these criminals are creating throughout the world.

In a country where judges were actually interested in justice rather than payoffs, that would make you eligible for the death penalty, along with the doctors who abrogated their oaths and administered lethal poisons pretending to be vaccines as well as the politicians who retarded future generations with their sadistic lockdowns and fear generating masks over something that was nothing more than a sinister plot to control the minds and the bank accounts of every person on the planet, concocted by sick rich Jews who have no conception of life’s truly lasting values, which are foresight, fidelity and friendship.

Crystal clear conviction

It is beyond argument that the United States of America is criminally responsible for the tragedy devastating the unfortunate territory of Ukraine, now prostituted by Western money and under siege by justifiable Russian outrage. Formerly a province of the now-defunct Soviet Union and now a political football of biological weapons, coerced prostitution, and the blood of innocent children, it is being consumed by the richest people in the world to add a few more meaningless months to their miserly lives and a few more coins to their deep pockets.

Furthermore, it appears the Americans have been caught out funding biological weapons research in Ukraine in the same manner they were caught participating in the illegal tinkering with viruses in Wuhan, China that were used as an excuse to shut down the world with the bogus COVID-19 plandemic. This was one of the real reasons for the Russian invasion, along with the Ukrainians planned attack at Donetsk that was averted by the timing of the Russian response.

The question of whether the 30 or so Ukrainian bioweapons labs were part of an American effort to prepare to attack Russia seems to have an obvious answer the U.S. villain Victoria Nuland tried to deny, but given the Western record of lying about its reasons for overseas aggression, the one thing it seems that that the American manipulators can’t deny is that the Ukrainian biolabs violate the UN ban on biological weapons programs.

Eight years ago, under the evil auspices of treacherous American neocons, Ukraine was turned into a base for sabotage against Russia by despicable functionaries who have been in charge of the American government since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the last truly humane U.S. chief executive who warned us about the monolithic empire that was the chief danger to freedom around the world. His prediction, long ignored, has come true.

Every president since then has been a captive agent of the worldwide kosher machine, an evil fraternity that has infected every aspect of modern society with its beastly bottom line mentality that has poisoned the minds of almost everyone everywhere by removing the most important emotion ever seen on seen on this Earth that remains the highest hallmark of civilization.

Do you remember how it used to be?

The fact that you can’t instantly name this absent emotion should tell you how long it has been gone. Thinking about the children you have or the children you were or the children who were incidentally murdered by these backroom deals you blithely endorsed should give you a clue as to what that emotion, no longer present in government budget negotiations, actually is.

Now as America’s paralyzed population sits at home in stunned silence worrying about the price of gas and absence of familiar products on the shelves of stores, our lame leaders in Washington are passing the laws and issuing the edicts to further demolish their busted budgets and hasten the demise of a nation that more and more people are realizing were put in place by this fake election to destroy the country.

Close the pipeline, open the borders, punish the patriots, release the rioters, fix the elections, stifle the investigations into the pornographic proclivities of the president’s progeny and glorify those sad children convinced to amputate their genitalia in service to the psychotic myth that homosexual pedophiles who drink the blood of their victims are honest citizens to be emulated and admired.

Then what can we expect to happen?

This is the nightmare nation built back better by perverted maniacs bribed by curdled casino owners to deliberately demolish the formerly pristine paradise that you have never seriously seen because you kept your TV with all its canned laughter turned up so loud that you never heard the screams, and still don’t, of the world that is dying right outside your hermetically sealed window.

When you have no idea of what the right thing to do would be, how do you expect to stay alive much longer? Consider what role telling the truth might play in that task.

Lest you think I’m the overreacting pessimist in this report, let me remind you I am really the optimist, possessed of an unbreakable spirit that can still see hope for the future through this omnilevel disaster developing right before our eyes threatening all life on Earth. The real pessimist is my friend Jim, who sees things much more clearly that I do, who bears the scars of many more injuries than me, and writes after reading the recent Veterans Today roundup of potential disasters in the Ukrainian biolabs.

It’s still all kabuki theatre but Ukraine is being sacrificed by the fraud of two powers of which smacks of Rothschild’s Red Symphony. This will not end well.  Meanwhile scientists are now admitting that the technology behind transhumanism and the use of weather warfare is not past any capability of survival and it is not going to be long as we will be lucky to see 1/2 the life we see now in 5 years. 

So I nod and recollect the vegetation on my barrier island where I have walked for 20 years has disappeared by 80 percent in that span of time. Most of the sea grapes have turned red and brown beneath the spreading lines of chemtrails in the perfectly blue tropical skies that turn to milky white fog banks as the day proceeds.

Holes in the Sky, Planet of the Humans, Seaspiracy, American Moon, Chasing Ice, are just a fraction of information that dates back to the major events of global domination before WWII. The documentation is as evil as anyone could ever conceive and too few have a clue as to why all life forms are disappearing as there should be much more rain with high CO2, but the ice nucleation includes plastics and surfactants along with pathogens and heavy metals with 95% of kelp forests dead, the ocean which provides most oxygen from phytoplankton is dying at a rate that has already reduced the amount of oxygen by over 25% in the last 20 years and 5G will make O2 difficult to absorb.

Gardeners and farmers I have talked to say much the same thing and then reflect on the land Bill Gates has bought and his plan to make us eat spiders and worms might be dead species before too many more summers.

There are almost no microbes in soil due to UV-C, plants are coming out of hibernation only to die back when the manufactured weather puts in a late hard freeze and even then, a normal freeze date would do the same as my family which does A LOT of gardening and planting flowers have all of their flowers up over a month early. Some of mine and my sister Mary had flowers that came up in DECEMBER.

Tree die off in the northern half of the US is staggering with 30% dead and dying in the last decade and 4 years ago going to Mayo, there was more dead lumber already cut down with 30-40% already dead in the forests and the interstate separation which used to be filled with trees are ALL GONE.

The hyperbolic desolation of our world continues to accelerate as chunks of suburban forest disappear overnight and instant $500,000 houses that nobody I know can afford appear by the tens of thousands on the wasted Florida flatlands leveled off by dozers. Who will live in these houses, everybody I know asks, and where do they get the money to buy them? They swindle people, I respond.

Israel runs all the information to all sides and the pigs of goyim Freemasonry and most of the human herd have no clue or observational skills. I sit here with my stepson who believes the US is the greatest nation for peace the planet has ever known, 9/11 was done by 19 Arabs and he and his son still use a COVID mask. My wife lets him dictate what can be seen and said so I’m ready to do the first spring planting in April, everything on the fruit orchard I have will die from a late freeze AGAIN as well as other orchards much larger than mine and many have given up.

Butterflies, Honey Bees and bees in general, wasps, grasshoppers, katydids, frogs and almost no tadpoles, June bugs and other beetles, moths are rare.  The NASA created Japanese Beetle known as Chew Chew in the War Document for 2025 by Bushnell, will again eat everything that has leaves and their flowers.

People read their morning papers and say, the COVID epidemic is over, now let’s worry about Ukraine. And yet still, when the women walk by the doughnut shops their way to the fashion stores, their children still wear masks.

When does one just give up?  The Jewish god of desolation looks to be the winner when war comes, how many Fukushimas will their be?  Almost 500.

And so you ask where we are going? And I say it’s where we’ve been, for as long as it lasts. Though at this rate, everybody knows it can’t last much longer.

So as the West celebrates their virtue signaling of Ukraine’s defeat and their ostentatious moaning about the loss of another capitalist outpost from which to further exploit the natives, the rest of the world coalesces around a new nucleus of freedom that seeks to avoid the oppression of those who print the money and corrupt all those who value wealth over honesty.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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