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Phony patriots trigger
imminent catastrophe
in aberrant America

A society that kills its own children
configures its own demise

What kind of twisted misanthrope do you have to be in your warped understanding of life to be called a genuine American patriot? Can you not see your willing obedience leads to the inevitable tragedy of your own destruction?

To be a true American patriot, first of all, you have to be willing to worship lies and applaud the murder of innocent people, some of whom could even be your own neighbors, and possibly even members of your own family.

Secondly you must endorse the premeditated murder of children — a sure sign of the end times! — because you should know your future depends on caring for children, and not harvesting them for the perverse pleasure of rich aristocrats who prefer eating them instead of getting to know them and partaking in the endless delights and rewards of caring for them.

Instead in their mad masochistic homosexual ecstasy, these wicked Hollywoodized wretches get high off consuming the terrified adrenalized blood of tortured toddlers in order to extend their own demented and disfigured lives.

Looking honestly at American history, what can you see that is worthy of veneration and emulation? Mass murder, betrayal and colossal abuse of innocent victims of deceptive depravity are the real record of the nation we have been taught to revere.

The media can shine it up and turn swindlers into saviors, but our leaders are all still ugly freaks to me. Make that worthless human beings. Frankly I can’t get too enthusiastic about plundering nations to steal their treasures and enslave their residents. But that is America’s legacy concealed by the fatuous rhetoric of these well paid writers who lie for a living.

Doubtless you have read the stories that you can’t get body parts for transplants unless these tiny donors are still alive. This fact alone seals the curdled fate of the American soul.

If you have half a brain, you already know we’re all on the edge of darkness and that no leader in the world is willing to admit the truth of our situation. Instead they tie us up in meaningless skirmishes in which both sides are criminal tyrants insisting their mode of sordid swindling is more beneficial than the other guy’s method of enslaving the public.

When these billionaire beasts have finally finished turning us into road food, we’ll be replaced by the faceless masses they have encouraged to stream across the border unmolested and form the next generation of patsies to become victims of the vampires.

So how do we behave today today as we leap to the defense of a pornographic poseur in the White House positioned in power by a renegade billionaire who follows the Jewish example of manipulating populations by stealthy propaganda while ignoring our practical needs as he collects his bribes, loots our assets and cannibalizes our children.

Is this not the formula of capitalistic exploitation that has emaciated every nation ever invented by plundering plutocrats who hide behind their snide slogans and duplicitous deeds?

Is this not the history of the world?

Disturbing reflection in the mirror

It is now beyond obvious that the people who have allowed this accelerating and irreversible destruction of America and the world are you and me. We could have stopped it, had there been enough of us who refused to look the other way at all the crimes committed in our names.

Our indifference, our passivity and our inaction in the face of past and present atrocities, invariably camouflaged by altruistic or patriotic justifications, have caused all this misery that now threatens your life and mine, as well as many millions of others now caught in this despotic death grip of official lies.

Sabotaged by those who stealthily pretend to be our responsible leaders, our inaction — multiplied by 339 million residents — has resulted in the USA about to topple over into the cesspool of history, where deceitful programs, decaying morals and destructive actions have turned a once more-or-less functional country into a sleaze ball slaughterhouse for predators killing both friends and foes alike.

No amount of lying or facile self justification can absolve us of our guilt. The verdict is in, and we’re likely about to die. We can’t lie our way out of this one.

The shopping list from hell

These unforgivable things we haven’t spoken out against include:

• All the honest people who have been fired from their jobs or banished from social media for speaking out about the lies we have been told that have caused so many deaths, injuries and mutilations. These victims should have been rescued by a responsible government enforcing justice, but which instead commits crimes and promotes injustices rather than preventing them.

• Inoculating the military with poison venom jeopardizes the lives of all Americans, particularly in the case of airline pilots whose unpredictable seizures endanger the lives of millions of passengers. The many afflictions associated with the mandatory vaccines have rendered our military unreliably defective, unable to defend our country as virile veterans in the prime of life are struck down by Dr. Fauci’s contrived diseases.

• Pfizer’s own data show that COVID shots appear to cause more illnesses than they prevent, and these afflictions run the gamut of physical nightmares causing unpredictable and sudden deaths among the previously healthy.

• The CDC has admitted PCR tests are a fraud yet most hospitals continue to use them and declare people diseased for the purpose of reaping lucrative government rewards for doing so. The entire COVID epidemic has been based on a test that everyone knows doesn’t work. Yet our government indemnifies criminal vaccine makers and orders citizens submit to inoculations that will kill them.

• Elections that have been clearly fixed yet justified by corrupt media when the evidence is glaringly obvious that crimes have been committed, resulting in illegal office holders whose behavior is exactly the opposite of the Constitutional laws they have sworn to uphold. These oaths they have taken are a disgusting joke as the objective of all politicians and their appointees is to embezzle the maximum amount of cash they can from taxpayers and still stay out of jail.

• Official statements that healthy people are the cause of disease are endorsed by politicians and regurgitated by media, misleading everyone on Earth.

• Medical advice that ordered people to wait until they were really sick to go to hospital and receive deliberately faulty treatment that hastened their deaths should result in a massive number of death penalties for doctors and politicians alike, would there were in existence legitimate law enforcement and an honest judiciary.

• Banning of ordinary inexpensive medicines and insistence on using poison products that cost thousands of dollars per application which didn’t work indicts the entire medical profession for grotesque fraud that signals to the population that the main danger to everyone’s health today is simply visiting your doctor for any reason.

• The obvious rise in deaths, injuries and infections among those who took the jabs as opposed to superior health of those who refused them means you can no longer trust your government, the polluted press or the curdled doctors who are all working together to profit from your illness and your death.

Yet the majority of sleepwalking people, cowed into subservience by authoritarian rhetoric, line up to take these poison jabs that too often end their lives. Our entire system of education has deprived us of the ability to defend ourselves from the lies of people we presume to be authorities telling us the truth. By now we should know they are not.

Oppose the lie and expect to die

So what kind of life will you live if you accept that lie, as you cringe in fear that the truth will get you killed if you so much as utter a tiny bit of it? This is the future you have earned by your inattention, by your willingness to ignore crimes that are committed in your name, your choice to look away from people being murdered because they got in the way of somebody else’s plan to make a lot of money.

Oppose these lies and you will get slammed into jail for a crime that you have never committed. Accept these fantastic deceptions and you get to commit crimes for which the corrupt legal system will never charge you. It may have always been that way, but it is certainly that way now.

It’s all about the story. Not the story you know is true. But the story they tell you to believe. Most people make the adjustment and have no trouble believing the lies, because they learn, repeatedly, that the truth, when your government is a criminal entity, can be very bad for your health.

When the narrative gets captured, the opposition gets eliminated. When the opposition is eliminated, freedom is lost.

What’s happening in Ukraine today is what happened in Ukraine eight years ago, when terrrorists sponsored by Washington murdered people indiscriminately — murdered people on both sides! — to create an atmosphere of total fear so that the people would go along with the plan to enslave them, while realizing that they couldn’t protest or they would be killed.

This is now the plan for the whole world. It has long been in place in Russia and China. And make no mistake about this. This plan was devised and has been enforced by the Western banks first, and by the criminal leaders they hired second. Now this plan is being implemented in the United States, and in all the other white so-called democracies around the world, by the same evil people, the banks who control our lives through their control of money.

You know who they are. I’ve been telling you for 20 years.

By withholding your money, they control what you do. If you disobey them, they will starve you. If you accede to their wishes and do what they say, you will become rich. Just ask an American politician, and ex-president perhaps, born to be a hustler in the ghetto, now elevated to a mansion on an island reserved for the elite.

It is that class of rich jerks who run the world, just by following the orders of the men with the power to give those orders, who control the money to give them the power to determine who lives and who dies.

If you oppose the lie, you are destined to die. The trouble is, nowadays, if you accept the lie, your reward is take a shot that will kill you, even as they say the shot will protect you from getting sick from what they say is an epidemic disease except that nobody can precisely identify it except in the pages of a hysterical newspaper spinning out foolish fantasies that we know are lies.

And this is how it is on the eve of the cataclysm that is very likely to take the lives of everyone reading this story. The best hope you can find is that slight chance that you won’t be one of them.

The thing most people don’t realize is that we have a better chance of surviving by telling the truth rather than ignoring it. This is a storm that is not going to blow over unless we make it disappear, and keeping your mouth shut is definitely not the way to do it.

Backbones are in short supply these days. You’d better check to see if you still have one. Because if you don't, more people you know are going to die needlessly, and you likely will be one of them.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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