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The adrenochrome story
with special guest Maisie Shaw

Now that we have reached the poisoned position in the evolution and development of our civilization that real news is fake and fake news is real, the whole world is trapped in a fatal fairy tale of slavery, dishonesty and perversion written by merciless killers from which there is no escape except to try to rally the public into waking up from their enforced slumber, which is an extremely tall order given the general level of coma in which most people are immersed.

You might remember Madeleine Albright. She was the American secretary of state who said murdering a half million Iraqi children primarily by cutting off their food and water was worth it. Worth a phony period of peace that never came, she meant. And the world was forced to buy the story at a price we are still paying, a price we have always paid when our government forces us to believe the lies it keeps telling us.

Because we as supposedly honorable people failed to successfully challenge what she said, her remark was validated by mainstream media as approved by the consensus. We let that horrible statement become the slogan of the American war machine that has plundered the world with its greed and its lies and personally bequeathed to all us Americans the worldwide reputation of cold hearted killers — lying homicidal maniacs, in fact; in the minds of some, a well deserved description — and left us justifiably mistrusted by the world for the foreseeable future, until perchance by some unexpected act of God we will be rescued from our own horrible indifference — our very own, highly visible absence of conscience.

Only some recognizable action by ourselves to redeem ourselves in some modest way and absolve ourselves, with some recognizable gesture of humanity, will let our brothers and sisters everywhere know that we are worth saving. But that is not on our agenda. We are too busy to care. All those we killed were just people we didn’t know, and didn’t want to know.

We didn’t care that they died needlessly, and mostly we still don’t.

This is how the world ends, ignoring the pleas of those who are dying, the weaker being murdered by the stronger for reasons that turn out to be trivial, and vicious.

As it stands now, with all the deranged damage we have let happen to the world in our names, it is clear to everyone before the crystal clear sight of God and the gracious umbrella of heaven that has allowed us to live our wonderful lives, that we are not worth saving, and deserve to rot in hell for all the crimes we have let our government commit in our names.

This is why there is a God whom we may ask for forgiveness. But simply asking is not enough. If we are to be true to ourselves when we tell our children about who we hope to be, we must act, and act decisively

Unless we really don’t care about killing a half million children for some political lie justifying our theft of oil from some country that can’t defend itself, then we have nothing to worry about. Relax and go back to sleep. And don’t worry about the day when the storm troopers march up to your door.

You must know by now that day is right around the corner. Just take a look at China, the model for the future called the Great Reset, in which people are starving to death while locked in their shiny new apartments, so they throw themselves to their deaths out the windows of their skyscrapers to illustrate what their government has done to them.

And what our government is about to do to us.

I have long insisted that a government that unjustifiably murders people overseas will one day do the same to its own people at home. That day has come to America. For those keeping score at home, it started two years ago.

What do you believe? Do you believe America is the land of the free and the home of the brave? The madman you call your president is doing is doing his damnedest to start World War 3, and you’re letting him do it. You’re told there’s nothing you can do about it, and so you do nothing.

Then you probably believe the concerted effort on the internet that the stories about adrenochrome are fictional fantasies meant to titillate soap opera fans about billionaires who eat human flesh and drink the blood of children and live healthy lives into their 90s. Just as you deny this reality that one day soon someone will come to your door and tell you that your game is over, you may continue to believe what you hear on TV and pretend that day will never coming. Until it actually does.


I’ve noticed on the Internet with some degree of shock that everything written about adrenochrome and the practice of draining the blood of children to mix it into a potion that rich people drink to extend their lives and improve their vitality is nothing but a Hollywood fantasy meant to titillate and amuse, but mostly to be ignored as some media wet dream that couldn’t possibly be true. Fake news, they call it, and all further discussion of it is derisively dismissed as tabloid fantasy.

This is how major media declared the subject as fake news when Hillary Clinton’s friends, the Podesta brothers, well known as collectors of satanic pedophile art, were suspected of snatching a little girl in Portugal, a little girl who was never found again.

The lockstep media deemed the scandal known as Pizzagate and the hardened New York city cops who broke into tears when they watched Hillary and Huma on Anthony Weiner’s laptop as just a bunch of fake news rumors to be ignored.

These truth twisters who provide our daily news are the same criminals that told us Arab hijackers knocked down the World Trade Center towers, and that some disease caused by bats made it necessary to shut down all the economies of the world, and that the brutal Russians unjustifiably invaded their innocent neighbor Ukraine and that is why we had to start World War Three.

Wasn’t that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, two of the greatest Jewish criminals of all time, recently seen in Kyiv sanctimoniously pledging your tax money to Ukraine’s comedian president until the war against Russia is won, consequently promising three things: that the money would be wasted (mostly siphoned off by corrupt American politicians), the U.S. would be destroyed and World War 3 would follow?

The minority opinion in these matters, swiftly ridiculed by the fact twisters who get to publish the news, is that all these stories are false, and all these government pronouncements are simply meant to swindle us out of our freedom and herd us into big city prisons where those few of us who are left alive can be sculpted into obedient worker bees or eliminated from the human hive like so many useless eaters, as Henry the K likes to call us.

Then we really should consider the fact that all those parents who never find an answer to why one day suddenly without warning their children never come home for supper, or go missing from their car seats, on the Internet are categorized as children who ran away from home for one reason or another. This is not fake news. When you look on the Internet, you see the claim that all but 2 percent of these children are runaways, or caught up in the emotional disputes of angry parents.

Could it not be that this fake news is really the real news that explains why 800,000 children in America go missing every year.

Which leads me, at least temporarily, to a slightly different but totally related subject called the Internet.

When the Internet first emerged as a major widespread source of information around the turn of the millennium — that’s the year 2000 for you folks without calendars — I was ecstatic. No more pounding through library catalogues or using inter library loan in search of hard-to-find information. I mean, it was ALL on the Internet. Or so it seemed at the time.

But in the two decades that have passed (and I’ve been a serious researcher all this time), I’ve noticed that the Internet knowledge base has shrunk significantly, mutilated by the government’s attempt to conceal its own wrongdoings, as well as separating the people in control from accurate descriptions of their underhanded doings. Things I used to be able to find like Jew Watch I can no longer find.

What once seemed an infinite library has now seemed to have been shrunk to a politically correct propaganda menu, with the excisions seeming to follow along political lines in the same way that mainstream media have been trimmed down to report on only acceptable topics the public is being conditioned to believe. Forced to believe, or face tangible penalties for disputing these false, manicured narratives.

Enter the new Homeland Security’s ‘Disinformation Governance Board’, followed by unanimous chorus of outraged Americans all demanding to know whatever happened to the First Amendment to the Constitution, which for those who have forgotten reads like this.

Everybody should know this by heart. Whether it’s real or not it’s the place we have to get back to.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting its free exercise. Congress shall make no las abridging freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government to correct its errors.

And what goes with that is absolutely essential because it protects the First Amendment from the evil swine who want to do away with it, like the Homeland Security Governance Board. You have my permission to spit in the face of anyone who ever uses that phrase and tries to tell you the First Amendment doesn’t apply to absolutely everything. What protects you and may be abridged or forgotten in the Second Amendment, which states:

. . . the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Let that echo down the infinite halls of eternity . . . SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

Now I said that, with all due emphasis, in order to say this.

Our freedom of speech on the Internet, with all these small minded restrictions imposed on the free speech of Americans by demented billionaires who own the communications platforms have elevated themselves onto some lurid level of dialectical divinity, has been grossly violated. When the president of the United States can be banned from social media, you know the country is no longer free.

Notably, there is no accurate information about the major hoaxes of our time — in particular, no open and necessary debates about the great 9/11 deception, or about Jewish influence, or the U.S. government’s secret agenda, or fixed presidential elections, the phony plandemic, and the demented emphasis on how white people are violent and black people are peaceful, a claim that directly contradicts all available crime statistics.

This blatant censorship impedes our basic human right to live our lives freely. Freedom of speech has been permanently prohibited from all the major internet platforms, necessarily requiring serious criminal penalties for the evil men who have robbed us of our First Amendment, the very cornerstone of American freedom.

With this requirement in mind, we are now about to embark upon what is probably the most important aspect of our essential responsibility as healthy Americans, which is to discover why so many of our children are being kidnapped and murdered for the most depraved reasons by the most powerful people in our country in an operation that has been covered up for centuries and is the foundation of a persistent corruption that ultimately and permanently prevents us from obtaining and exercising perfect and permanent freedom because of all the institutional lies we continue to be told by those in whom we have invested authority over us, a trust that they have betrayed in the extreme that now demands to be investigated, terminated and punished without mercy.

Here’s what it all boils down to.

Will you let the CIA eat your children?

Now let’s get back to our original theme . . .

Real news is fake, fake news is real

In the upside down clown world of media manipulation, this is the situation.

You see it consuming your world as surely as you see a school of piranha fish in the Amazon chomp down the body of a dead child, only the cutting up of the corpse happens in dank slave quarters, sleazy hotels or back alley labs where rape, torture, mutilation and the creation of mind controlled monsters are on the menu to produce a drug so addictive that it makes crack seem like candy and heroin a mild high after a quick drink. No, an adrenochrome high is a dark dance with the devil that cannot be resisted ever again. It creates yawning cannibals who can never again behave like ordinary humans.

Adrenochrome now dominates the dark underside of political life as well as the glittering fantasyland of Hollywood — and some say Disneyland. You’ve heard the ugly stories about Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. They’re true, yet covered up by the bloated billionaires who own the networks and the newspapers.

These are the golem who want to turn your children, first, into a terrified, terrorized victim of the most fiendish crimes, into a ritual meal for demented millionaires, drip by drip, morsel by morsel, into the greatest crime of all time, which because these people are so rich, and have controlled whole societies down through time, are forever immune from prosecution because they own the people who run the courts and control the cops.

This is why the Jews were kicked out of England in 1215 AD — for draining the blood of kidnapped children and drinking it. In the highest circles of society, it is happening today.

They put you to sleep with the real news that is fake. It is time to wake up to the fake news that is real, such as this slice of suppressed reality from pedophilia expert Joachim Hagopian. Listen to this.

Ukraine has long been a notorious hub for baby, child and human sex trafficking scandals. As author of the Pedophilia & Empire book series, I wrote extensively in my Book 5 a chapter on Eastern Europe, exposing Ukraine’s booming organized crime industry, the Deep State laundered trillions for the cabal’s black ops budget, moving drugs, human organs, children and illegal arms as a colossal Big Business enterprise, run by the usual suspects – the Bush–Clinton–Obama–Biden mafia crime family, the Vatican and Freemason secret societies and Illuminati bloodline overlords. Crimes against trafficked kids in Ukraine’s elaborate subterranean tunnel system is linked to the biolabs and deep underground military bases (DUMBs), operated by powerful Deep State US interests.

Incriminating evidence found on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop links Hunter, his father and Obama to both biolabs and child sex trafficking in Ukraine, corroborated further by Russian troops discovering vast tunnels running under the 200-acre Biden compound in southeast Ukraine near Mariupol. With Ukraine already a historical hotspot, as is common in warzones, child sex trafficking has significantly spiked in recent months as criminal gangs operating pedophilia rings seize expanded opportunity exploiting displaced refugee families, with children and orphanages especially vulnerable targets. The Azovstal steel plant, located just minutes from the busy Mariupol shipping port, has been a notorious web for such organized crime activity long before the Russian incursion.

It’s been reported that on New Year’s Day 2021, in a predawn raid during the final weeks of Trump’s first term in office, he authorized a Delta Special Operations unit dispatched to the Biden property located 30 miles northeast of Mariupol. Though the compound appeared vacant of any recent activity, one building allegedly contained 300 million dollars’ worth of gold bullion, crates of Chinese made Type 56 assault rifles and an ample supply of ammunition. Upon further inspection, under that building the Delta Force also discovered chambers that were part of an intricate tunnel system running miles in every direction. Also recovered from an antechamber was a dozen duffle bags filled with black tar heroin. But most disturbing were ankle and wrist shackles bolted to the walls containing traces of dead human skin tissue. It became clear that what was found underneath the Biden compound was overwhelming incriminating evidence that an organized drug, gun and child sex trafficking ring was operating from the Biden crime family property.

[End quote]

Although I’ve marginally followed this whole adrenochrone sex slave drama for many years, what recently got my attention was a young lady’s description of her trip to Canada following the trail of murdered children in Vancouver.

A short time before that, I was struck by the strange tale of Kevin Annett, a young man who has been universally ridiculed and even targeted by Illuminati agents Sasha Stone and Robert David Steele (now deceased) for holding impromptu press conferences about how Queen Elizabeth being guilty of the murder of native children in British Columbia. Just recently Annett has written on his eye-opening website — — about this very adventure we are about to discuss with our brave guest, Maisie Shaw.

On his website, he wrote on May 4,

Meanwhile, back in Kamloops:
Unearthing more than little bodies

One year ago this month, the people who buried them announced that they had “discovered” the remains of 215 children at the former Catholic death camp called the “Kamloops Indian residential school”. The contrived media orgy that followed created the impression that the uncovering of mass graves of brown children in Canada was a new thing. But of course, that kind of fogging of history is what spin campaigns and cover ups do.

Maisie Shaw, welcome. You first turned my knuckles white telling me the story of your connection this scenario. Take over, and don’t forget to tell us about the pig farm.

Real news is fake, and fake news is real
The Kaminski Gaddy Braintrust



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