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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Can you remember when your
government ever told the truth?


Awaken or die is now your last cry

The nightmare re-emerges. No, wait, it has never ended. We think we are awake, but are not. We’re still trapped in this tortuous dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but instead, in one dark moment after another, lie is piled upon lie, and the pile becomes as high as a skyscraper, which suddenly explodes, and you see the little silhouettes of bodies fluttering down through the flames and the smoke, but you turn your head away at the last minute and imagine you cannot hear the splat and what that will mean to a wife in an apron waiting at home a few moments later when a sudden announcement comes on TV . . . or what that will mean to a country that thought it was free . . . and a sudden dark shadow flashes across the sun that for so many will never shine again . . . has never shined again since that terrible day.

Because no one will stand up, thousands of terrible days await us in our awful future.

The nightmare re-emerges and then you realize in a sudden internal burst of shame and anger that it has never ended. It was the mention of Chertov and Gorelick that triggered the thought that threw me over the edge! These two servile Jewish pawns who assisted in the lies that were told by our leaders that wrecked the country and stunned the world with their false fable of how Arab terrorists who couldn’t even drive a car stole four airplanes full of screaming passengers and crashed them into the history of the world . . . which has never been accurate and truthful ever since. Of course, some of us learned it never was honest before that, either.

At first I couldn’t believe they would run this same scam again, but of course they always do.

Chertov, whose name really means ‘the devil’, once the man in charge of our Homeland Security hit squad, who secretly let all those Jewish ‘art students’ fly back to Israel after they had been brought here to ‘document the event’ without so much as a ‘What are you doing here?’, later to make millions from selling metal detectors to airports because of rules he created to help capture terrorists he also helped create.

And Gorelick, another one of an endless list of court Jews like Zelikow, Mukasey, Wolfowitz and Perle who tailored the false narratives that warped America into a monster that made war on itself and still does. Now both of these forked tongue monsters, Chertov and Gorelick, have been recruited to ‘fix’ the bureaucratic birth defects in Joe Biden’s vomitous Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, which promises to prohibit all false stories about our honest government from the lips and minds of those white terrorists whom our feeble minded chief executive insists are the main threat to peace in the world.

A narrative of unreality
forced down our throats

I got to thinking the other day that in the tear-drenched weeks after 9/11 that America has never received such sympathy and compassion from everyone in the world for the terrible loss it endured on that tragic day. Peace, in fact, was never so secure despite the sinister fact that at that very moment the despots who contrived this whole demonic exercise were contemplating their future raids on Iraq and Afghanistan and other places that had nothing to do with the 9/11 caper.

Destroying a couple of buildings that needed to be demolished anyway was never the key point of this evil exercise. It was the contrived excuse to demonstrate a murderous rage against the whole world — a telltale signature of Jewish behavior throughout history, this irrational hatred of everyone — that was the real rationale behind this incomparably perfidious plan whose echoes of pain still resonate in the relatives of needlessly dead victims.

Observe, please, that the greatest hate crime in history is none other than the Jewish Talmud, which vomits forth its hatred of everyone while pious Jewish politicians wring their hands in mock concern while preaching equitable distribution of other people's money along with exemption from all the vicious crimes of their own that murder innocent children each and every day in every country on Earth.

Chertov and Gorelick were among the cynical creators of the hollow 9/11 report that failed to answer any of the key questions that left a large segment of the U.S. population in downright disbelief at what they were told by their crooked government. Only a constant barrage of media manipulation suppressing the actual truth eventually overcame resistance to the idea that imaginary Arab terrorists were behind these monstrous misdeeds.

But since that time Americans have been overwhelmed by fantasy scenarios always cloaking motives of thievery about the need to invade foreign countries. We have been shell-shocked by choreographed school shootings, inexplicable fire disasters and a whole laundry list of contrived crises that attempted to demonstrate how valuable this corrupt this corrupt government was in protecting the people from disasters it created itself, right down to the guns we provided to Mexican drug gangs or the $82 billion in military hardware when we abandoned to our folly in Afghanistan.

This contemptuous comedy has only accelerated in recent years with the staged farce of a fixed election followed by the self-abuse of a senile president deliberately destroying the systems that make America work, culminating in preposterous expenditures for a corrupt cabal in Ukraine while starving Americans who continue to be suffocated by their government after being poisoned by a bogus vaccine.

Thus what started out after 9/11 continues today. We’re still trapped in this agonizing dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but we see now as a developing plot to actually deliberately murder most of us based on a Jewish plots to save the world from overpopulation. To those who know their history, this has been their basic scheme for thousands of years.

This nightmare of human self-destruction is a decidedly Jewish plot. These kosher killers spew out their smug justifications for why they need to steal billions of dollars to protect themselves from their neighbors whom they constantly abuse. Their toxic financial tentacles spread stealthily, strangling countries around the world with their irresistible extortive schemes pay their bribes or face sure destruction of their business enterprises.

And the majority of debilitated goyim, victims, their eyelids drooped and their shoulders slumped from the endless blackmail, either pay the freight or end their lives like the millions of Chinese minions who with their final screams jump out the windows of skyscrapers.

It should be clear
that our end is near

It should also be clear that Joe Biden was hired to do a job, and that job was to facilitate the destruction of the United States of America.

When you itemize what he has done since he was installed in the White House by a demonic coalition of corrupt government officials who had dominated the law through the debilitating Obama years and corrupt Jewish controlled media ceaselessly working to spread the Jewish infection of false information throughout the land, every move Biden has made — from the closing of the pipeline and the opening of the border all the way up to back Ukraine in a war that U.S.-Jewish perfidy had started eight years ago — has been the opposite of what would have been beneficial to the economic and social health of the U.S.

From the beginning loyal American taxpayers have been stiffed in favor of anonymous unregulated immigrants granted lucrative benefits denied to U.S. citizens. Skyrocketing crime implicating illegal immigrants of color has been the major danger to both people and businesses that somehow has been flipped on its head by Jewish media to be reported as white supremacy being the ultimate menace, leading to the appointment of black people being appointed to positions of power for which they are profoundly unqualified, leading to the further destabilization of the country, particularly the military.

The promotion of sexual perversion throughout Jewish owned media and publicly funded universities has further destabilized the Christian family system upon which a functional social society was efficiently built. Now they’re tearing down revered status and burning humble businesses while bellowing obscene complaints that demand benefits they have never deserved over affronts they have never suffered. The idea that anyone should be qualified for jobs simply because of their color has ruined more than one corporation, and in the case of Disney, has wrecked a stabilizing influence of childhood stability with pernicious perversion of ultimate benefit to no one, even its practitioners.

All this destruction has been accomplished by an outside influence, a group that fits in nowhere and swindles everywhere which has now, by dumbing down the population, set everyone up for a mindless slaughter that will include all those who tried to be honest and tried to support their government but who discovered too late that they had not adequately perceived the lies and deceptions that are now causing the destruction of everyone they ever loved and everything they ever built.

So where do you go when there’s nowhere to turn? How do you awaken from a nightmare that never ends? Do you stand up bravely like that boy in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square only to silently disappear later among hundreds of thousands who suffered the same fate? This happened in 1969. Despite the silence of the prostituted press, this process has never stopped, and will never stop until enough people say ‘no’.

And as we ship our hard earned money off to faraway places only to be siphoned off and brought back home by our prostituted politicians, we dare not ask ourselves if there will ever be enough of us to stop this swindle and this slaughter.

Because surely we know from the melancholy archives of twisted history that there never have been enough brave souls to stand up to the monsters who sweep us toward oblivion like so many unwanted insects. Oh so soon there will be no more of us bugs buzzing in the silent night, all because too many of us kept silent about the sly embezzlement of our past and the brazen theft of our future.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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