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Trying to survive the Jewish attempt
to exterminate the white race

There are these crazy people out there who are telling us that they have to kill us in order to save us. There is a twisted logic to what they are saying, but in the final analysis it makes no sense. If we live our lives constantly afraid of dying we never really live at all. Yet this is our living nightmare today — living in constant fear of those who are supposed to be protecting us but are actually trying to kill us.

It’s more than a fear. It’s our new reality.

We all share that growing sense of horror that creeps up the back of our necks when we watch that ultimate creep Bill Gates wringing his hands with a demented glee as he explains to us how his vaccines and his edible insects will reduce population and that’s a good thing because there are too many of us living on this planet.

Identifying the perpetrators

If I have to tell you that the world you have known no longer exists then you have not been paying attention.

You are not imagining it. Your world is not falling apart, your world is being torn apart by psychopaths who want it to happen. You know it’s a real war because, unless you live in Antarctica, your life has already been turned upside down.

All around you you see countries all over the world being turned into totalitarian Communist states in which people’s individual rights are being systematically taken away. Australia and Canada have provided two recent frightening examples of formerly free nations which now prevent their citizens from leaving their countries without first submitting to poison vaccines which, if they are not killed outright, become trackable for the rest of their lives by high tech devices hidden in these injections they were compelled to take.

The world we have known has already been taken from us. It is no coincidence that all the megalomaniacal millionaires behind this obscene objective to radically reduce the population of the world using mass murder by medicine all have one single, wretched, wicked and singularly sadistic aspect in common — they are all Jews.

Very rich terrorists

These are men with no conscience, typical of most, but not all, Jews. Klaus Schwab, who wants to take away all our possessions, is the scorned son of a Rothschild mother. Bill Gates, who now wants to replace real food with his fried bugs, is the faithless son of a father who championed eugenics, as well as a grandfather who masterminded the 1918 Spanish flu that killed 60 million.

Israel Abraham Burla, aka Albert Bourla, not only is the scion of Pfizer, the leading producer of the poison vaccines responsible for millions of deaths, who had paid millions in fines for shoddy products that killed millions, has now made billions more with his toxic booster shots. Bourla is also descended from a line of Sephardic rabbis who consorted with the Rothschilds in evil deeds as far back as the 1840s.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is another horror story. His ancient Abys family coat-of-arms is a crowned snake eating a child, truly consistent with his demonic efforts inventing both the AIDS and COVID epidemics. His ancestors once buried an entire town in an avalanche.

These four demonic men are perfect representations of the sinister behavior Jews have displayed throughout their sordid history of sickening people all over the world with their xenophobic hatred.

These are the people who have been chosen by our corrupt leaders to radically reduce the world’s population. This is a project Jews have been working on for four thousand years, since they brought plagues and swindles with them to ancient Egypt and changed that civilization forever.

The current emperors of world politics are both Jews, Henry Kissinger, who ran numerous presidents from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump, and George Soros, whose presidential pets have included Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. These two kosher kingmakers have been responsible for the political and social destabilization of the United States and needless carnage around the world for more than 50 years. Needless to say, both are ardent Jews, actually wanted by the law in other countries for their numerous perfidious deeds.

Mind control media

In characterizing the Jewish hold over the American mind, many observers have used a well known phrase attributed to the French philosopher Voltaire, which reads: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

The Jewish wire service known as the Associated Press was quick to point out that the Enlightenment-era writer Voltaire was not the author of this oft-repeated maxim. The actual quote comes from a 1993 radio broadcast by Kevin Alfred Strom of the National Alliance, who is called a hate monger by the AP when he is really only a white nationalist patriot consistently exposing Jewish criminality.

The AP was also quick to point out that U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, shared the incorrectly attributed quote in a tweet recently to his more than 320,000 followers, with a caption criticizing Dr. Fauci, the madman in charge of the deployment of the poison vaccines.

Massie recently was the only no vote in a 420-1 split in the House of Representatives which approved a resolution that any criticism of Israeli behavior was an act of anti-Semitism. Every one those yes voters were assuring they continued to receive Jewish campaign contributions. It is a good piece of evidence that Massie is likely the only member of the U.S. Congress who would side with the U.S. over Israel, should that day ever come when these duly elected vampires in Washington were required to reveal their true loyalty.

You may be surprised at my calling the Associated Press a Jewish wire service, but in fact the entirety of our print media are Jewish, from archonic newspapers like the New York Times to magazines like the Atlantic, Time and Newsweek. This kosher complex extends to all the TV and radio networks. They are all conspiratorial Jewish enterprises and have been since their inception.

Only simpletons don’t know by now that all the major Internet news sources — Google, Facebook, Twitter, the whole lot of them — are all Jewish owned and staffed, so that like our government, our universities, our industries, our unions, our associations are all dominated by Jewish ownership and management who think its only natural to prioritize Israeli interests over the boring concerns of the feckless American goyim they manipulate, mislead and slander on a daily basis.

It’s all about the money

Perhaps since the beginning of our country, when the loyalty of the half black Jew Alexander Hamilton was revealed to be an agent of England sabotaging the foundation of the United States, Jews have always been the destabilizing factor in the undermining of human freedom. In the minds of many, their systematic betrayal of the USA dates from the establishment of the Federal Reserve system in 1913, which ever since and always under the control of a powerful group of 13 Jewish families has compromised the integrity and the health of the United States in pursuit of their own selfish and demonic purposes.

And what exactly have they done to deserve this reproach?

Foremost they have debased and stolen America’s fortune by an endless array of financial scams resulting in today’s $31 trillion debt which has imposed the condition of poverty among a majority of Americans who are now facing starvation and bankruptcy which are wholly the result of Jewish financial chicanery.

The Federal Reserve operates a boom-and-bust shell game that manipulates financial crashes and constant wars that have fleeced and culled America’s dumbed down citizens while at the same time enriching themselves and their criminal co-religionists.

Demonic doctors of doom

Jews have created a medical system more interested in perpetuating disease exacerbated by deliberately faulty treatments, and encouraged the production of processed food that made people sick so that the medical industry could profit from problems the food industry created, up to today’s fast food fiasco that facilitates habitual illnesses such as obesity, cancer and heart disease.

Wherever we turn, we are told that what we have previously believed is false, and what we are told to believe that we thought was wrong is now right. The self hating psychobabble proposed by Freud, the fiendish political swindle advocated by Marx and the foolishly plagiarized drivel propounded by Einstein have led humanity on a wild goose chase of misguided research aimed at better ways of killing people rather than teaching people how to live more productive and rewarding lives.

Far too few people realize how Jews have fouled our belief systems and turned them into mind control devices that turn the veneration of life’s beauties into the practice of crippling, sexually deformed horrors that betray the trust of all believers of every faith.

Thus do predatory preachers rape our children while delirious demagogues bless the slaughter of infidels. In all these moneymaking crimes the people suffer while the Jewish bankers get ever richer. What remains a secret is the magic way Jews produce money out of nothing but loansharking that has gotten them kicked out of more than a hundred countries over time, but they always find new leaders ready to profit from their devilish scams.

Revenge of the perverts

The most important book in the Christian bible is the Book of Esther. It is the only book in the Bible in which the name of God does not appear. It is the story about the king of an ancient empire who likes the taste of a Jewish prostitute so much that he gave her his power and allowed her to have killed all those who opposed her Jewish relatives.

Esther 8:11 — Wherein the king granted the Jews in every city . . . to destroy, to slay and to cause to perish all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for a prey . . .

The Jews have been exploiting that royal permission ever since, using the power of the prostitute to seduce and obliterate all those who oppose their evil practices.

Many centuries later, owing to advice once given by the top rabbi in Constantinople to Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, who counseled revenge for lawyers, doctors and especially pharmacists to avenge their eviction from Spain, you can today trust our doctors to prescribe poisons and our judges to convict the innocent and absolve the guilty, a fact tragically demonstrated by those patriots put in jail for two years in Washington simply for trying to protest a rigged election.

They’re even writing articles in over the counter magazines now about how drinking the blood of children helps old rich people remain younger. These articles never discuss how this blood is acquired, because it comes from tortured and murdered children.

Who are these people in control of our health, and do we realize what they’re telling us, despite their authoritative tone? Consider some of the things they have recommended in the past.

A self mutilation of the mind

• Religious Jews practice that bizarre and meaningless act of mutilating children called circumcision at eight days old, which predispose males to homosexuality and inscribe an indelible terrifying fear of authority figures into the minds of newborns. Then consider who these victims turn out to be and the hideous Jewish world they create as adults.

• As Jews are always twisting reality to suit their devious desires, the invention of new diseases such as gender dysphoria, which tricks women into thinking they are men and lures men to believe they are women, because homosexuals desire the drugged effects of anal sex that allows them to anesthetize themselves from their own warped identities.

• Our children are being stolen from us by lesbian teachers who seduce their young impressionable students and tell them to keep their secret after-school seductions from their parents.

The production of perversion in the world is dominated by Jews, from pornography to white slavery. Perhaps these urges stem from the shocking rituals they endure when eight days old. Down the road of bizarre masochistic sexual practices comes President Obama’s pet project of Drag Queen Story Hour allowing convicted sex criminals to dress up as women and molest children in schools beneath the approving glances of smugly silent teachers.

A history of blood drinking

This horrendous practice ultimately leads to the drinking of adrenalized blood drained from murdered children by billionaire perverts who seek to extend their pathetic lives.

This practice seems to be favored by European royalty, and the record of it dates back to the 13th century and the martyrdom of St. Hugh of Lincoln, who was drained of his blood by Jewish madmen. This is what caused Jews to be kicked out of England for 400 years, until bribed Oliver Cromwell brought them back in the 1600s and where they have nested in the City of London, still festering in the enduring crime center of the world.

As Jews seek to usurp the power and life giving forces of all nations they infiltrate, destroying humble family life seems to be their top priority.

First with women’s liberation keyed by the unhealthy practice of teaching women to smoke in public as a symbol of their misguided newfound freedom, and many decades later by the forced reclassification of homosexuality from a behavioral illness to an alternative lifestyle, the number of families destroyed Jewish sexual liberation has been a major driver in the disintegration of America’s formerly cohesive communities.

Today this is compounded by the forced indoctrination of school children into the health wrecking indecision of sexual identity questions that severs the connection between children and their parents using queer school teachers to subvert naive students too young to avoid the emotional consequences of this sexual manipulation.

A recent photo of the chief justice of the United States sitting on a couch next to Ghislane Maxwell, the procurer of little girls for rich old men, sticks in my mind as yet another atrocity that is the right of the very rich demonstrating the perverted privilege that allows Jews to refer to everybody else as cattle.

Deliberate destabilization

Numerous people constantly remark how everything today seems upside down. Cops are committing crimes rather than preventing them. Doctors are killing people rather than saving them.

Our parents are being killed by poison medicines our government orders them to take. Babies die in the womb from these same medicines.

Your feeble minded president Joe Biden says domestic terrorism from white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland. He must not have been watching for eight years when ‘woke’ people of color were attempting to burn down American cities, and those white supremacist terrorists were the ones trying to put out the fires. Like everything else about Jews and freedom, Joe Biden has it backwards

There’s your true white supremacist threat — trying to put out the fires black terrorists have started.

Extinction of white people

Slowly but surely the Jews are killing off white society. They have always wanted to be the Alpha race, and has taken them four thousand years to achieve it. How have they managed it?

First and foremost by fomenting wars between white countries, but even before, using a formula of burrowing into the centers of power, corrupting kings and generals, fomenting revolution and instituting one form of Talmudic communism of another after first grabbing control of the leadership by their trademark technique of high-interest swindling that has been their hallmark for almost four thousand years.

Secondly by following the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan of promoting miscegenation, making everybody the same tan color and breeding out the white race through the allure of forbidden pornography and the domination of professional sports by physically superior black athletes they have lured liberated white cheerleaders into mixed racial seductions which too often lead to broken families owing to the tendency of black men of the African model to disregard the welfare of their own families they father.

This may be an unfair racial stereotype, but it certainly is the racial model in America where for generations single white mothers raise half black children without the help of their chronically absent fathers, leading generally to lower IQ adults and more malleable political dupes intent on pursuing mindless wealth and neglecting the important human drive for intellectual independence, which has always been the hallmark of improving the welfare of future generations, as Pastor James David Manning is fond of telling us.

Making mothers obsolete

The creation of Christianity by Jews as a mechanism to overthrow the chaotic society of polytheistic Rome was merely an extension of the mind control device that was created in Egypt of a one-god communist conspiracy, which eventually led to the insane Church of Rome and its “infallible” Pope claiming ownership of the whole world, which actually was and is the Jews long dreamed of objective.

The next step after that, however, now under construction today with the work of Gates, Schwab, Fauci, Burla, Kissinger and Soros, is something far worse than anything they’ve ever attempted before.

But after achieving these demonic things, they want to do something even more unearthly. They want to kill motherhood, and produce their human slaves artificially so that the sanctity of the family can no longer be a threat to their complete authority over the entire human race, from conception to cremation.

Secondly, after killing off white society, they want to do away with the two sexes and create a unisex population in which the state becomes everyone’s mother. The Jewish so-called religion is already set up that way, where the rabbi is everyone’s mother and no one is independent because they risk permanent social ostracism by doing so.

Don’t forget our friend Sister Ciara noting that lies to the American people suddenly and radically increased under the Obama administration, when America’s first black president — who ironically murdered Africa’s finest black leader for reasons that were lies. Obama urged everyone to go easy on underachieving, disrespectful blacks because blacks had led a hard life and they should be held to lower standards than everyone else. Years later we see what these lower standards and non prosecutions have done to America.

This advice has resulted in the destruction of beloved statues of paragons of American history, the George Soros-inspired non prosecution of petty black criminals and such memorable statements as math is racist, a statement that clearly reflects the deficiencies in black intelligence that handicaps all conversations in America today with a government approved level of retardation.

We are not alone

You may fault me for leaving other pernicious aspects the the Jews’ continuing demolition of life on Earth, these distasteful examples are too numerous to enumerate here.

So after everything is outlined I reach the epiphany that illustrates the great fraud of Freud’s fantasies that you can’t reach any valid conclusions about yourself or your world without consulting someone else and understanding that the key to mental health is not so much understanding yourself, but knowing how to deal with others and realizing how your mental health and your success in life is due not upon your understanding of your own capabilities, but more importantly in your ability to integrate others into your life. This is far more important than anything you could possibly achieve on your own.

This is the key to reestablishing harmony in clan and country that is largely ignored by the individualistic isolationism preached by typically Jewish psychology, a wholly negative process which alienates and atomizes the population and makes everyone vulnerable to outside control by Jewish manipulators. As soon as you compare notes with everyone you can’t help but realize how insane their propositions are, as they are meant to isolate and control you with ideas and practices that are definitely not in the best interests in your personal health.

This is the great flaw in the evil Jewish philosophy which aims to alienate everyone from everyone else.

It is more important to know how to get along with other people than it is to know how to get along with yourself, and this is the idea that will reunite the human family, do away with most wars and conflicts, and make understanding the hallmark of future generations rather than the servile selfishness that at the present moment is causing and human family to destroy itself by following the false teachings of dominion and domination that have caused such misery during the thousands of years we have been trying to figure this out.

And wouldn’t you know that it took someone else, someone I have known for a long time, to remind me of the most important ingredient to understanding what has always been happening to the world which most of us seldom think about.

Which leads me to Rod Remelin, an old friend who I have never actually met in or even talked with with whom I have shared stories for the past 12 years

And that’s who’s going to bail me out of this predicament now. Mike, I’d like you to meet Rod Remelin, my senior editor on the Internet beat, to talk about our dangerous situation in greater detail.

The real war
Trying to survive the Jewish attempt
to exterminate the white race


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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