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How the man behind the curtain
manages to remain invisible



Russ Winter of
Hidden history extravaganza

The word “context” denotes the setting of a word or description that can throw light on its meaning. Due to the worldwide control of media by one particular gang of hostile misanthropes, all reports of any type are published out of context by this one group’s attempts to conceal its identity.

This is how the battle for 9/11 truth was lost, as the one group behind its planning, execution and coverup also commanded its explanations, investigations and determinations, so this is how we got Arab hijackers flying passenger jets into skyscrapers because “they hated our freedoms” today being taught to impressionable children in schools around the world.

And because that battle for public opinion was lost to the clever spin of cynical publicists, this is how the world was inveigled into taking an inoculation which at worst would kill them and at best prevent them from staying healthy and living happy lives.

As 9/11/2001 was about creating a fabricated threat that would enable the war machine to start shooting at shadows of its own making and murdering millions of innocent people in the process, the great COVID scam of 2020 was about scaring people into killing themselves by making them believe they were keeping themselves healthy.

These flamboyant deceptions are basically how the world has always worked, in which those with the power to influence others convince them to do things not in their best interests for the purpose of robbing them of their valuables. This is called the business world.

It is also the first principle of international politics, in which any excuse, no matter how preposterous, can be used to generate profits. In these exchanges, morality never plays a part, while deception always does.

In these two instances, a dangerous threat was generated by an all-powerful media apparatus compelling large groups of duped listeners to kill each other for reasons that seem compelling but which the process of time and contemplation reveal that the original reasons made no sense. The sole reason for these grand dramas was to profit from the sale of products — in this case weapons of war, either explosive or toxic — that were absolutely not needed.

This was the process responsible for the world wars, 9/11 and the COVID epidemic and various other colossal snow jobs.

I was reminded of this folly the other day listening to the first appearance of “The Fetch,” on

First, let me tell you something about my own radio listening habits. After 20 years, I’ve not only seen a lot of scams — 99 percent of the news — but I’ve observed the manifold way to concealing the identity of the villains, who have been — wouldn’t you know? — always the same group.

It’s a very small segment of the population that realizes Communism was created by the International Bankers originally ensconced at Yale University among those same fetid fraternities that have more recently produced both George Bushes and now Ron DeSantis. Graduates of these tyrant manufacturing organizations installed the same Communist death machines into both Russia and China, and now are not so cleverly inflicting it on the United States by this endless succession of contrived manufactured crises — the border invasion, the food shortage, the false flag terror incidents and environmental crises, the crashing of the currency — you know the rest.

And if you don’t know by now that “international bankers” is a synonym for Jew billionaires who control all the other non-Jew billionaires, then you’re really not worth talking to as sensible and sane adult humans.

Anyway, back to The Fetch. When I listen to radio shows on the Internet, which is not that often, because of all my experiences, I carefully wait for that one certain signal of how candid they are going to be. I am inevitably disappointed by their failure to use the magic word that gets so many people banned from platforms and castigated as soulless anti-Semites.

But with Fetch, or course, a longtime broadcaster known for his candor and wit, there is no waiting. The taboo against mentioning Jews on air has long since been overthrown, thanks to the tireless efforts of Fetch and people like him, a fraternity of which I can claim to be a charter member, though certainly not the originator of a tradition of truth first championed by people like Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, Elizabeth Dilling, Revilo Oliver and many other valiant warriors for truth whose memory Jews have done their best to stamp out of the public mind with their hollow bleatings about anti-Semitism.

If anti-Semitism was such a pervasive curse, why is it that Jews are the only ones ever talking about it, not to mention committing acts of anti-Semitic vandalism to make the public think it is a real problem.

No, all the Holocaust Hoopla is perpetuated to make the public forget that Hitler’s Germany proved countries could thrive without a Jew central bank, a truism fully obvious today as Jew moneylenders tank the U.S. currency while Jew vaccine makers poison the population to the approval of Jew lawmakers who pass laws making criticism of Israel illegal to the applause of Jew broadcasters who praise such measures as really good ideas.

Then you have Jew homosexual teachers invading elementary schools with Drag Queen Story Hours and Jew admirals in dresses urging children to get sex change operations without telling their parents while Jew bankers recommend giving up our cash without mentioning that to do so would mean giving up our individual freedom in the process, which they highly recommend.

Trust the plan, man! bellows our senile president while his hooker vice president laughs hysterically and their drunken Speaker of the House continues to accumulate billions of dollars with her insider trading maneuvers, all the while pouring money overseas most of which comes back in kickbacks to Jew-controlled American politicians like Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham as the American people sink further into poverty, losing their homes and committing suicide, just like they do in China.

This is the portrait of America our lovely Jew broadcasters airbrush out of their broadcasts by continuing their manic mantras of white supremacy being the greatest threat to American freedom when what they really mean is that white integrity is the greatest threat to Jew totalitarianism preventing the imposition of white enslavement over the entire world.

So as the first thing I always listen for when tuning into any radio program, or for the matter reading any story on the Web is how long will it be before the writer or broadcaster turns his or her attention to what Henry Ford forever called “the world’s foremost problem”, or what I call “the Jew penetration of reality, the cause of death of freedom in the world.”

Most broadcasters and writers NEVER even bring it up, and the few who do couch it in smarmy synonyms such as “Khazarian mafia” or “globalist”, which is about the surest way you can tell a slimy shill from a forthright reporter telling the truth.

In the context of what is the truth and what is a lie, not mentioning Jews right off the bat is a sure sign you’re participating — whether you realize it or not — in the sneaky but obvious plan of the Jews to eliminate individual freedom throughout the world.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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