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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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You are about to find paradise just a little further up the road


Weltanschauung is a German word that describes your way
of looking at the world using all of the knowledge you possess.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Thus I repeat myself, year after year, searching for the answer that will solve our problem, and scratch our eternal itch.

This is how we defeat the enemy, which is ourselves, and turn the world from the agonizing dilemma which it has become into the unencumbered paradise it was meant to be.

The key to this success is the proper application of spirit. No, not the manufactured mind control device that has created a prison in which all the souls are regimented into obedience by a false construct that confers its imaginary blessings upon slaves to propaganda meant to benefit only the controllers but not the people who have been deceived into being controlled. The proper application is to find the tool to control one’s fate, and not have this fate dictated by oafs merely interested in profiting from your slavery, but by those teachers providing lessons for your liberation independent of anyone’s control but your own.

One such genius was Miguel Serrano (1917-2009), and philosopher, poet and politician who wrote magically on two levels — the empirical and the astral — and in his book “Manu and the Man to Come,” pages 33-42, outlined what I believe is an essential plan for the human species to finally salve that permanent itch of dissatisfaction with itself that has since the beginning of time threatened to destroy everything we have hoped to have and be.

I believe I see a possible pathway in Serrano’s description in the partition of the original egg of humankind, and its division into separate genders, male and female, from its original condition of only a single sex.


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Think about how much better life would be if instead of experiencing a succession of lovers used for crass and carnal purposes and chafing under the cruel rule of a selfish god — Yahweh, the prince of darkness — who ordered you to rob and kill people he didn’t like, if instead you found the perfect match for that long-missing piece of your soul. Instead of striving toward some stuffy residence at the right hand of some creep you could never understand, you and your partner bonded forever and found your way to eternal life on the astral plane without any devious directions from power mad priests.

This is a crisis as old as time itself. Serrano explained:

It has been said the world is a thought rather than a machine. But it thinks badly. And more than a dream, this Creation is a nightmare. A failed invention, a monstrous imitation. It is the corruption of something that was something else.

Most people believe our souls last forever, and our bodies but a temporary conveyance. If this thought is correct, this formula makes sense.

Eros, on dividing under the influence of the doom-laden Demiurge, makes the Divine Man lose his Divine Woman. Yang loses his Yin, the positive his negative. And this begins the Drama and War, transit, exodus, desperate pilgrimage, the search through the demiurgic spaces and times, because God has lost his totality, his complete number.

The parable of woman created from Adam’s rib comes into play here. The cosmic egg splits and she goes out from a wound in Adam’s side and appears as a female aion who comes down from heaven, remaining a prisoner in search of knowledge, until Christos comes down to rescue her. The Gnostics know this as the story of Pistis Sophia, a manuscript that was burned by the Christians in the Library of Alexandria, the greatest tragedy in history in which crazy men terrified by their own deaths destroyed their own history at the behest of psychos intent on enslaving the world.

Sophia’s immortality depends on the man who comes down to rescue her, but is forever unable to find her. Serrano writes, “In Genesis, the antediluvian document distorted by Jews, tells us something about it in the story of Lilith and Eve.” Identifying the religious system Serrano describes completes the Orphic myth and makes humanity whole again.

This is the song sung by the Hyperborean bards, as after the split of male and female personalities, both begin their searches for each other through strange universes in a three way split, one part divine, one part unreal and a third part complicated by the arrival of the animal men. It is known as the Hyperborean revelation.

Like a vaporous air bubble, like a ballerina, like a dancing girl from India dressed in green reeds, she flew away from HE-SHE (the original human construct, both genders in one). He saw her leave crossing through his Wound, to fall infinitely head down with her golden hair and floating veils stirred by the astral winds towards the regions of total silence beginning to turn there and waste away amid the dominions of Kronos, prisoner of the Cycle of Eternal Return, this law of gravity that here rules, Kalpa after Kalpa, Manvantaras and Yugas. He saw her lose the freshness of Asgard, and always asking, wanting to know, with a lighted lamp in her hand.

And He could not resist her. With a portion of himself, he also crossed through the Wound and went down in search of her, so as not to leave her there so alone, accompanying her, because his Honour is called Loyalty and because He cannot go on without her.

And he was Xristos in search of Sophia, Wisdom, and he was Baldur crucified and he was Wotan who sent there for his son Baldur.

And he hurried through the vast spaces, through demiurgic extension with open arms head down in this Battlefield like the Ir Rune, Death, and wielding a sword strongly. Each were seeking the other, pursuing, without drawing together, turning through those enormous empty spaces wanting as well to face the Enemy who had already made them prisoners without their knowing it. They turned with the Swastika of Exodus, that of the loss of Celestial Asgard, the First Hyperborea of the Green Thunderbolt.

As we have said, only a part of Him abandoned the pre-Cosmic Egg of the pre-Universe, Green Asgard. But this part of Him could not entirely fit down here below because it was too great: He was Wotan, a God who came from beyond the stars. Because of this Someone, the greater part of Himself, had to remain waiting like on the edge of a Fountain without moving and contemplating his own Drama as if from outside of Himself without being able to intervene like the Paralytic of Eternity, like a Time in Reserve, or like the Ultimate Battalion. The Einherier (soldiers of Valhalla).

The fall of Sophia demands a rescue from someone who is forever incomplete without her.

And the same happens with the She of SHE-HE, only in reverse. She sees a part of her He fall away as well with the Ir Rune, head down and with open arms. She will also go out searching for him, carrying a Lamp in her hand, pure Uncreated Light.

Nor does she go out entirely, having left behind the principal part of Herself in the pre-Cosmic Egg. She is Freya. As they descend from the heavens through rarefied spaces they go decreasing their essences, further dividing them, forming regiments, command centers, families, family houses, lineages, which are One, that are they themselves, the same God, the same Baldur, the same Wotan, the same Goddess Freya. Because only thus can they fit in.

And in such a way that each time it is more difficult for Him to recognize his her and for Her to recognize her him with the essence of their identity divided and shared among many, so that He could love them all without being unfaithful, since, in each one he finds a portion of his her. And only in the accumulated intensity of One Alone reaching the highest pitch of the soul. He will recognize and reincorporate her.

An incredible poet and diplomat who knew many of the intellectual giants of his time — Jung, Hesse, the Dalai Lama, Savitri Devi — Serrano wrote: “My books also reactivate those other brain centers and therefore must be understood beyond pure rationality.”

It is precisely this faculty of perception we have lost and must restore if we are to achieve a lasting understanding of ourselves.

The corruption of the pristine world is expressed in the involution of its substance. Conversely, the plagiary (plagiarism) of the Demiurge (Yahweh) on the primordial Web amounts to an attempt at a failed evolution that stagnates into creative disability, with no possibility of advancement, like Neanderthal Man, the great humanoid ape, involution (opposite) of the Archetype of Man.

God as a fraud.

The Demiurge had copied the human form of the cosmic Archetype, the Anthropos, Total-Man, a God, but was unable to give it a soul. Moreover, he corrupted the Divine-Man, imprisoned him, transforming him into a biological robot, never improving on him.

Man trapped in his lies by those with no souls.

The original world, pristine, Paradesha, is not found on some boundary of the visible Universe. It is right here, below, or covered up. It is a matter of scraping away the bark so that the true Creation might appear. There the Suffering God will be found with the form of a man. Only the Viper that has taken over his body and dominated his mind by hypnosis must be driven away. It is a possession that can become irreversible.
Thus the Immortals have been forced into this definitive War, having to find an answer to the diabolical strategy of the Enemy.

Paradise is right in front of eyes if we could only see it.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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