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Disgusting Americans
fail to see themselves

Ukraine was the last straw. Once again, it was a case of Americans refusing to see that they were the bad guys, the wanton killers, obliterating innocent people for reasons they didn’t fully understand, wouldn’t even try to understand, and didn’t even care that they didn’t.

How many times had it happened in our lifetimes? Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea. Do we dare even try to count the countries we have obliterated with our sophisticated weaponry and false excuses?

But Ukraine has been the most rancid of them all, because we engineered the faux revolution there and now object to Russia’s wholly justified fear that we stashed our bombs and our poisons right next door to them, and have eagerly demonstrated our intent to use them.

And once again we started killing their citizens in the name of spreading our toxic brand of freedom around the world, and now have gone to war because Russia insisted it had the right to defend its own country.

Of all the lame excuses the USA has used to murder people in foreign countries, this is the most rancid of all, and likely the maneuver the one that will destroy America’s imitation republic permanently, because the world has had enough of this so-called gunboat diplomacy, this Jewish-controlled American homicidal hypocrisy, and the inability of Americans to own up to their own indifference, their own despicable depravity.

Most Americans still don’t believe that America is not controlled by Americans at all. That is how stupid they are.

America deserves to be destroyed, and a creepy pervert named Joe Biden seems intent on making that happen.

If you don’t look, you can’t see

America: Where teachers rape their students, the government jails its patriots and a presidential pervert molests his own daughter.

Face the facts, morons. The character of our presidents accurately reflects the character of every American. That’s why we elected them.

President Biden molested his own daughter. President Trump boasted that he killed the whole world with his Warp Speed poison jabs. President Obama is married to a man and won the Nobel Peace Prize for murdering innocent leaders of foreign countries. Take note that our black president murdered the greatest African leader the world has ever known, who was Muammar Gaddafi.

President Bush the Younger murdered millions in Iraq, Afghanistan and New York City, got porked by a Marine body builder in the White House, and shares in the Moderna vaccine profits. President Clinton caused the murder of 54 state troopers to cover up all those women he raped while Governor of Arkansas. President Bush the Older supervised the murder of JFK which was engineered by another president who specialized in killing his rivals.

This psychotic pretense stretches all the way back to America losing the Revolutionary War and pretending it didn’t. This is the placebo country all Americans have always pretended not to see.

Wonder no longer at the mess

Just don’t try to tell anyone that you don’t know what has happened to America. What has happened to America are all those things you failed to observe when they were happening and you were buying the excuses vomited forth by a spin machine that were never even remotely believable, but you chose to believe the regurgitated feces it put forth, just as it does today.

Try 9/11 terrorists manufactured on Madison Avenue to become all purpose boogeymen unable to be caught because they didn’t really exist. Kosher clones of Arab outlaws is what they were. After all these years, finally, the perfect enemy, able to work both for and against us as the situation required.

How stupid do you have to be to believe the U.S. did not blow up the Russian pipeline in the Baltic Sea?

You can’t even say that you didn’t know your government was eagerly trying to kill you most of your life if you would just take an informed look at the medicines it has prescribed and the toxic garbage known as food it has produced.

If you could only see that permanent war was the engine of our illusory opulence these wars would stop tomorrow, but that is not the choice you choose. Instead you put on the mask, take the jab and let the government destroy your livelihood and wait for the promise of your guaranteed income to rescue you from yourself.

You’re waiting for a bus to nowhere that will never come. And you’re left wondering why that chance to save yourself passes by your house every day yet you have never seen it even once.

Another lineup of losers

So now with Europeans set to freeze to death and unemployed Western thugs signing up for lucrative mercenary duty in Ukraine, Americans pin their future on delivering pizzas or trinkets from Amazon or Wayfair as a way to make ends meet, while the billionaires count their profits from poison vaccines that never worked and TV pushes our latest crop of loser candidates saying everything will be OK if we just vote for them.

Florida’s popular governor backed by the Pilgrim Society and in love with Israel or Hawaii’s Fox News goddess appear to be the leading candidates to lead America into its spooky nonfuture.

But neither manufactured media icon even hints at the notion that the United States is the scourge of the world being set up to take the fall like Hitler did as the Jewish billionaires turn the world into a killing field of their own with their poison jabs culling the plantation down to a suitable number of dutiful drecks willing to bet their lives on the masked up locked down future Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have planned for us, a future guaranteed by a lunatic law enforcement apparatus that you’re going to do what they say or never say anything again.

And if you ever try to talk about God or honor or duty ever again, or heavens forfend talk about that Constitution that’s just a piece of paper, you can count on joining those luckless lemmings still in jail in Washington for thinking our nation’s Capitol building actually belonged to us rather than those very rich, blood drinking, child raping perverts who bought it lock, stock and barrel so very long ago.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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