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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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The choice of robots
bound for purgatory


The truth has always been that we are living a lie. Say the magic words and live forever. Oh, and put some coins into this collection box. Priests insist Gods can be bribed into granting you eternal life. And the world has operated on these capricious corruptions for thousands of years.

Our leaders insist on keeping secrets in the name of security. This is how we conceal the truth from ourselves.

Now there is a more pressing problem. Give us your children, they demand. And we do, willingly. This is the clearest sign we will not solve our problem. This is the emerging darkness of our future.

No more motherhood. Our children are the new food. Sucking their blood. Chewing on their organs. Rabbis lead the way.

If you promise not to do anything that threatens their hegemony, they will let you stay alive. If you challenge it, and they can thwart it and turn it into some advantage to themselves, they will co-opt you like David Icke or Alex Jones and turn you into some sort of secret agent avatar who will do their work while you pretend to be a populist hero. Most politicians fall into this category. 

But doing something they don’t want you to do — crossing the line and really telling the truth — will, as we all have learned, cost you at least your career and very likely your life.

Think Kanye. Think Paul Wellstone (but nobody remembers him) plus a long list of other would-be heroes, now dead. Think John McAfee. Think John F. Kennedy, Muammar Qaddafi and Adolf Hitler. All the principled heroes eventually get murdered. It is the first rule of criminal government.

Will we ever see that by letting our government murder others is how we stay alive. That’s why we don’t object to all these invasions. We let our government murder others and remain silent as our payment to them for letting us remain alive. Unfortunately that contract has expired. You must take the jab. Either way, your life will be shortened, your hopes dashed, your family twisted into mutilated whores.

In a world that runs on permanent war where leaders wind up killing the people they are supposed to protect, what people call the truth is really nothing but a fatal lie. We have at least four thousand years of evidence proving this point.

Economics is an irrelevant trap

People wonder why I spend so much time dabbling in the softer arts, critiquing spiritual subjects, hammering hypocrisy.

This toxic focus on the bottom line is suffocating us. If we don’t figure out the way we are living our lives is just plain wrong, then pretty soon — and I’m talking tomorrow or the next day — we’re not going to be able to figure anything out. In fact, maybe that day has already passed. Look around you. Is it not so? When is the last time you heard a discussion about actual solutions?

Our lives have been stolen from us. only nobody has figured it out. Instead of focusing on things that will benefit our health and lengthen our lives, we are overly concerned with penalties for saying the wrong thing and breaking some rule. The principles of living flow steadily down the sewer and we never look up because we are too busy counting our shekels. We are overly concerned by screwing the next guy rather than helping him. This is our Jewish heritage. Hence we spend our lives avoiding needless penalties over irrelevant infractions that keep us from seeing ourselves and improving our lives.

Lately we turn swimming in the nude into a sexual perversion in order to imprison those who disagree with us, all this in a society whose leaders drink the blood of murdered children. But we keep all this a secret. It is, after all, a matter of national security.

It is only the unparalleled depravity, the sheer filth of Jewish media that has enabled our brain dead sex pervert president to continue thus mindless war on his own citizens disguised as aggression against Russia as he leads America down a path to its own destruction by taking actions guaranteed to destroy the whole world.

American history is blood on its lips

It is the world’s unanimous shame, contempt and embarrassment over letting itself be abused, raped and slaughtered by a psychopathic nation that respects nothing — not even its own citizens — that is the crucial ingredient in the formation of a worldwide movement now coalescing after recognizing the one indispensable task standing in the way of restoring some degree of peace in the world is destroying the incorrigibly criminal United States of America.

Too late will they realize this final destruction of individual liberty, which essentially no longer exists anywhere, will never reappear because the instincts and impulses necessary to individual autonomy will have been choked off at the source by inflexible control of money humans need to demonstrate the authority of their own individual will.

The formerly noble republic now morphed into a soulless killing machine run by international bankers intent on melding all the nations of the world into a soulless superstate, the senile drug addicts now leading the USA toward its doom are the same international agents of tyranny who have long ago curdled Russia and China into slave states devoid of freedom are now on the verge of twisting America into a comatose wreck of senseless individuals willing to sell their souls for a standardized paycheck they have in no sense earned.

The population of the world has been bribed into giving up its freedom for a fraction of the wealth they could have amassed had people chosen to create their own currency and their own social structure.

But the power of money is too powerful. It is the most powerful drug. Whoever controls it deludes himself that it has not taken control of his mind and heart, making no one around him safe, ever.

This is precisely where the church has failed us. Rather than remaining above the fray, it has joined the crowd in the battle for money, making it part of the problem rather than the solution.

It is the primary problem. Belief in money or belief in life. There is no middle group. Which way to hell? The road signs are clear. and everyone on Earth, except the precious few in search of actual justice slowly being extinguished, continue to ignore.

Have any of your friends ever heard of a social conscience? Have you?

Thus our future is clear. And ugly. And short.

We should bomb Tel Aviv immediately. But I fear it will be New York. It can’t happen soon enough. But it will happen. And it will fix nothing.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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