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‘Ye’ and Alex Jones
‘breaking the Internet’

Americans forced to listen to
three fools not making sense,
scrambling all the issues


Perhaps they thought that since our mainstream politicians had become so farcical, corrupt and irrelevant, the public wouldn’t notice if they were replaced by lame entertainers spouting senseless mind control gibberish to see if people could tell the difference. They were right. They couldn’t.

It was a familiar formula.

Cartoon buffoons drooled religious recipes that revealed no clue to the underlying inescapable political reality that assails us all these days, which is that Jews control every aspect of our lives including religion, finance, education, media, medicine, entertainment, all calculated to direct us away from understanding both our condition and predicament and reduce us to obedient slaves, if we are allowed to live at all.

You’ve seen this trick before.

Conflating good old time religion with political propaganda is a combo that has always worked. Alex Jones, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes managed to bedazzle the spin universe with a disjoint collection of the well worn memes of fundamentalist Christianity and leave everyone with the sense that these three refugees from a dysfunctional high school that has lost its accreditation sounded exactly like the people running the world — incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Much ado about nothing, devoid of not only solutions but even of serious questions.

The Ye phenomenon

The biggest news of course was Kanye — now going by the name of Ye (pronounced “yay”) — revealed that he loved Hitler, the No. 1 shock producer to the minds of Jews, near Jews and Jew wannabes around the world.

A few weeks ago ‘Ye’ called himself the richest black person in history — until his imprudent “$2 billion tweet” that he wanted to “go DEFCON 3 on the Jews” cost him most of his ad contracts and bank accounts. The utterly puzzling Mr. West, looking more like an escaped mental patient wearing an ominous black ski mask, delegitimized everything he said — which was his purpose! — by brandishing a nonsensical orange lollipop he insisted was a puppet representing Israeli tyrant Binyamin Netanyahu and pretending it talked in a gruesome falsetto voice.

It was Howdy Doody Time, the Alex Jones specialty. Freakily pathetic.

All through the borderline hysteria led by the ad hoc inflammations of the verbose Mr. Jones, the emphasis was that it couldn’t possibly be Jews because it was Jews who were being injured by the poison jabs pushed by Big Pharma Jews who were suffering the most. This scamdemic was so unfortunate for Israelis, said both Ye and Nick Fuentes, who was anointed as the third member of this tragic triumvirate, and trumpeted Bible verses to impress the ADL programmers who coached them all. Probably many of their phlegmatic followers understood that, though those who possessed the ability to critically think likely did not.

And Ye, who had ignited this firestorm of Jew retribution a week ago with his fiery comments about his rip off record producers and financial advisors— all Jewish — blabbed out the same vacuous solutions for every problem — simply the simplistic Biblical rhetoric of a newly converted sinner, which he claimed to be

But by associating Christianity with Hitler, and dragging Musk and Soros into their ragged compilations and interpretations, the jaded Jones boys revealed themselves as change agents, a swat team of chaotic thoughts and banal buzzwords meant to befuddle the unsophisticated and uncomprehending listeners, of which there were millions of watchers convinced a new political era had began. Insert finger in mouth to mercifully trigger vomiting.

Nick Fuentes contributed to the pop culture bonanza by noting “there is something baked into the Talmud” and questioned if the Talmud actually approved pedophilia. It does.

Alex said the Brits created Hitler and was very forgiving of the Jews who killed other Jews en masse with their special jabs.

Confusing components

It couldn’t have gotten more confusing.

Our Mississippi Delta source speculated:  “I wonder if they are using energy wave weapons on Ye and it confuses him when trying to speak publicly so he is using a wire mesh mask to block their energy waves. Might be what they have been doing to him. I know it was one of their tools to mind mess up a person in public they wanted to mess up.

The Internet foremost hysteria trio reduced their arguments to comic book logic. Ye explained: “Ye loves Christians, Hitler and Israel.
They create atmosphere to persecute Jews . . . so they can kill ’em.”

Around the world, the audience was forced to listen to three ghoulish goons not even try to make sense.

I compare this fiasco programming to 1950s television sitcoms leaving people seeking solace and understanding with senseless comedians reading meaningless scripts with the social worth an old woman playing solitaire

About the only relevant remark of the night was Ye’s screed about his own predicament: learning the lesson of having your speech curtailed on the basis of what you say and believe, something everyone in the world is learning now.

More clearly stated, that is the banks controlling political speech, which is now the unfortunate fate of the human species

The torpid trio

This torpid trio actually achieved the amazing result of making less sense than Joe Biden.

Alex Jones talked about a criminal group posing as Jews causing Israelis to die in massive numbers by taking the kill shots produced by Jewish Big Pharma. Are you following this? Alex is nothing but consistent in his defense of the poor downtrodden Jews.

Ye loves the Zionists who froze his bank accounts because God runs the world, he said.

Jew Laura Loomer phoned in with news that she was one of the many Jews who had been censored by Big Media and the banks. Such a very understanding Jew.

Kanye was simply a simpleton, prattling on about Christianity while ignoring the fact that it was created by Jews in the ancient Middle East and early Rome. “I let the devil come and get me,” he said, which in his mind necessitated the need for his religious revival.

Anyone with ears to hear knows by now that Jews use Christianity as a cover story for their own tyranny.

So Kanye continued his odd odyssey of championing Hitler and acting like a fool to unintelligently denigrate probably the greatest human to have ever lived . . . to the unanimous hosannas of churches around the world all pretending not to be Jewish as they support their local Holocaust museums.

What will the next caper be that these Hollywood Jews will think up? One hopes it will be more entertaining than this, but knows it won’t be.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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