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On the road to nowhere
in the promised land

It is the mystery true believers are forced to accept without evidence that creates the terrible habit of governments to concoct unprovable mythologies that their credulous recruits regard as unshakable truths, such as “all men are created equal.” In all cases these forced beliefs are lies.

As such religion has played an unwitting role in getting people to take a poison vaccine or supporting a criminally unjust war, when they accept assertions that can easily be proven to be false, if they would simply bother to check their facts.

This is the example that allows governments to keep secrets, often used in the quaint rituals in small towns known as “executive sessions” which conceal the identities of criminals who are appointed to high positions of public trust.

It is the formula for fleecing the public that makes our leaders very rich and the people they misrepresent very poor. This has been going on in America longer than any of us have been alive.

Consider the recent Ukraine example as the paradigm. It is a formula that has been executed many times.

First infiltrate the impoverished country with bribes and set up a fake government which allows it to be boobytrapped with weapons of war aimed at the country next door, the true target of the devious gambit. Seed the formula with the surreptitious murder of citizens of the country next door, then when that country gets angry at the murder of its countrymen, and rallies to defend them, accuse them of trying to start a war that we Americans have deliberately started.

Worn down by more than a century of misleading propaganda and unable to discern truth from fiction, the American people have taken the bait and now enthusiastically support the war against the innocent target country even though it further impoverishes themselves and their alleged allies.

They do this because they are totally at the mercy of the media and politicians who support war — any war — as the basis of American prosperity.

Missed the boat on this one

Of course, these mental midgets are the same robots who failed to discern the difference between a vaccine and a bioweapon, thanks to believing that same untrustworthy media that manufactured the need for yet another unnecessary war — only this time on everybody in the world.

After the moneymen of America had finished fleecing every place in the world which possessed commodities they wished to steal, they decided to plunder their own fellow citizens — for profit.

And when they were done with that, they started injecting their own people with poisons, after encouraging denizens from all over the world with promised rewards they denied to their own people to replace the duped depositors they had so heartlessly discarded (read: murdered).

Unbeknownst to most everyone, this was something they had been doing for decades, if not centuries. Through it all the indoctrinated dupes victimized by this process either don’t pick up on the con or are too ashamed to admit they’ve been scammed, like all those people who submitted to multiple booster shots, and then found out about its dire consequences.

What does it say about the human species when our most trusted leaders are in reality our most dangerous enemies? The people most likely to deprive us of our honor, our fortunes and our lives are, because of untrustworthy media, the ones we elect to high office.

We have never been closer to this fiasco than in America today when a bumbling old fool positioned in power by a fraudulent election does his level best to make the wrong decision which a corrupt media in on the hoax declares is the right decision. Over and over.

Who are all those people working for? If you know you should say so, very loudly.

Reversal of fortune

Robin Hood was a legendary people’s hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Our leaders today, as well as traditionally down through history, steal from the poor to give to the rich.

The real enemy are our own leaders who trade our freedom for riches that we will never see.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, are they just like you? More importantly, are you just like them? If so, then who are you blaming for your troubles?

The real enemy are our teachers who seduce our children into becoming perverts, and call it liberation as they steal them from their parents.

The real enemy are our cops who protect the rich and ignore the poor and our preachers who molest our children while supposedly saving their souls.

The real enemy are our doctors, who refuse to answer the question when you ask them, are vaccines dangerous?

Anybody who tells you they believe what their government says is lying, and likely getting paid handsomely to do so.

The real enemy is you, who know all these things and do nothing about it.

Choking on truth

The lost ability of most people to critically think is tragically reflected in their acquiescence to what they hear on the evening news. Many of them have regretted their reflexive agreement with media opinions about the phony war in Ukraine, or even more crucially about information stressing the need for vaccines to combat a disease that has never been proven to exist.

Simply consider recent headlines from Ukraine and ask yourself why we have such a bad attitude about Russia, especially since during the course of our entire lives we have observed it is the United States which has ignited war after war for one specious reason or another.

We may glibly claim this has happened because of the nefarious influence of the Jewish bankers who have warped our minds through control of our wallets, but we may not deny that it has always been American fingers on the triggers.

Just don’t try to argue this is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Here is the latest news roundup from one single recent day, 1/19/23.

• The U.S. government is weighing whether to supply Ukraine with the capability to attack the strategically important Crimean Peninsula, according to the New York Times. The discussions highlight a gradual shift among U.S. officials toward more brazen support for Kiev, even as Washington insists it does not seek confrontation with Moscow.

• The Biden Regime on Thursday announced another massive weapons package for Ukraine. The U.S. pledged a 2.5 billion package of military aid for Ukraine which includes 59 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, missiles, Avenger air defense systems, and more. Joe Biden has already sent tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine in the last year... CBS released a documentary titled Arming Ukraine. The documentary looked into what has happened to the military weapons that have been given to Ukraine. It exposed that only "like 30%" of weapons given to Ukraine reached their final destination.

• U.S. Gen. Mark Milley, the highest-ranking officer in the American armed forces, met with Ukrainian soldiers undergoing Pentagon training at a base in Germany, where Washington recently stepped up efforts to prepare foreign troops for combat. (CLG excerpts)

And just don’t try to tell us fearless leader Biden and his homicidal assistants are our friends when they tell us to keep those masks on and keep up with your booster shots. Here’s just one example of what your president and favorite TV guy are not telling you about Hydrogel in the jabs.

This is a picture of the artificial intelligence interface that feeds off human bio photonic light — the life force. When the life force is harvested, it causes accelerated aging. It is a new synthetic artificial intelligence life form similar to Morgellon’s based on Hydrogel, a material that even the most sophisticated scientists on earth do not completely understand in its properties.

It is able to replace the humans nervous system, is self assembling, self learning, conscious, self replicating. It can grow from Nano scale to centimeter size in minutes when exposed to electromagnetic fields, ultraviolet light or electrical currents.

Do not laugh at people who say they are seeing demons after getting the C19 shots or those with debilitating long Covid that makes them feel like they are not themselves, almost detached from the body.  Remember those who turn around in circles terrified before they fall over convulsing and dying. They are looking at something in a different dimension.

This is the multidimensional artificial intelligence quantum access device that manipulates the neural network and digital biofield and can produce crystal microchips. It was injected via the C19 shots.

The real enemy are those who believe things that can’t be proven and the leaders who enforce those fictions they know to be false. The result is that they kill the very people they have sworn to protect and sabotage the countries they are empowered to defend, in the process revealing to all the world they are psychopathic murderers unworthy of any respect they claim to deserve.

Also included in this package of swindlers are all those who believe what these liars have told them without attempting to verify what they have been told is true, a collection of brain damaged fools that includes just about everybody in the world.

Small wonder that we’re going down the tubes,


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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