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The formula Jews use to overthrow societies

Precious few Americans possess the inner fortitude to realize that throughout our recent history, the mighty U.S. military, pretending to be the good guys, has actually mass murdered the good guys. The American people — their eyes blinded by Jewish lies — believed their boys were noble heroes. In actuality they were really insane murderers following the orders of cynical psychopaths, perpetrating injustice on behalf of the international bankers.

Think about it! Qaddafi, Saddam, Hitler. They were all heroes to their own people, yet vilified by the Jewish press, which controls the thoughts of the Western world. They all were bombed to smithereens, their countries eviscerated by the Jewish American war machine (which has Jewish generals sending their goy lemmings to their deaths).

All this time, from the invasion of the Philippines in the late 1890s to the firebombing of Yemen that is going on right now, the United States has remained the darling of Jewish media, as Britain was a century before, recklessly wandering serial killers claiming to be the protectors of the world.

As it has for thousands of years, this kosher web of sadistic deception has asphyxiated the thought processes of humanity, and created a putrid panorama of corruption, destruction and deceit for everyone. People and nations who remain oblivious to the poison tentacles of Jewish finance soon succumb, swindled by their time-tested formula of drowning borrowers in endless interest payments. People lose their property first, then their lives.

I liked Trump’s idea about getting along with Russia. It made sense, at least in the short term. In the long term it could be really bad news for the rest of the world. But what almost nobody realizes is that the Jews have worked across time to put wedges between white nations, sociological time bombs hammered home by inflammatory Jewish media who get these white countries to attack each other.

Site of the most powerful nest of Jews in the world, England always envied the creative brilliance of the Germans. While it imitated their educational structures, the Brits utterly vilified and destroyed the Germans because they couldn’t outcompete them. Today Germany is a lobotomized Jewish clone. But then, Britain had been turned into a Jewish robot with Cromwell’s revolution in the 1600s. The Jewish bankers in England destroyed France long before they got around to devastating Russia. And now they’ve been sucking the blood out of the bloated American carcass for more than a century.

Why the sense of panic among Deep State denizens, who thrive on bribes from the very people who set white nations against each other? Then they watch with satisfaction as these deluded entities destroy each other? Or is it all just an act, aimed at painting The Donald as a patriot crusader who with the other hand gives Israel all the military might it requests?

Time, and not very much more of it, will tell the tale.

Swindlers never die;
they just keep on screwing people

Constantin Olariu Arimin, longtime chronicler of ancient eastern European civilizations, identified the formula that has sunk nations for thousands of years in his monograph “The Philistines/Canaanites (Palestinians). He writes:

And if Egyptians were at war with the “wicked” Philistines, I would like to ask the mighty Hebrews who praise themselves largely, where was their famous King Shlomo/Solomon and all his “worthy” glory if the historical sources presented only Palestinians or the Philistines in those places and times and no sign or smell of the scorched Hebrews invented only many centuries later?

In other words, where is this Jewish nation in ancient history? And why was virtually nothing ever written about it?

Constantin believes a long forgotten tribe from northern Europe was one of the early victims of the ever threatening parasite that controls our world today. He writes:

Even the word Palestine, which is the Greek name for that region, comes from words found in the language of the Ariminic/Getae population who settled in those regions, at a time which we cannot pinpoint exactly.

These words mean group of angels, or the people created by angels (polei in Romanian means angels, heavenly creatures found in Romanian fairy-tales + stînă, the place of gathering for sheep and shepherds).

Constantin labels Earth’s eternal villains Ivrits, which is the term for Hebrews in the Hebrew language. He writes:

When the Ivrits started making up their little stories full of assimilations, comical facts and bunches of lies they called the Torah and the Talmud, they absorbed some of the Philistines’ religious culture, because those were the natives and because the Philistines had a standard of living far superior to that of their own people. The Ivrits were nothing else but hoards of rogues and savages! But they also greedily fed on the great Egyptian culture, and as a bunch of moody kittens, they quenched their thirst from the Zoroastrian Persian culture, or from wherever their needs or desire of making money made them go.

Unknown in ancient sources

The Ivrits, Constantin insists, wrote their histories long after the fact — and with no basis in fact.

Whatever was presented to us as Ivrit “revelations and prophecies” began in mid 5th century B.C., but most of their made-up stories were certainly a product of their imagination created between the 3rd and the 1st century A.D., when they started having revelations like crazy, and concocting far-fetched and shameless lies.
At the beginning of the 4th century B.C., all of them became so crazy after being breastfed again and again by Satan, so they started the funny show of circumcision, saying that they were in fact the only ones chosen by little Yahweh, the devil himself, who has to rule over the entire world and rob all mankind.

In order to better understand the history of those regions of the world, it is very important for me to point out the fact that neither the Hittites, whose state existed until mid 12th century B.C., nor the Egyptians remember the Ivrits in their sources, meanwhile the Cabirs and/or the Canaanites are mentioned for hundreds of years in both sources, until the 1st century of our era.

The Ivrits, Constantin insists, became “a cult of grudge, hatred and hostility.”

Here it is obvious how venomous and hateful the writings of the Ivrits are. This has been in fact a characteristic of all of their writings since the return of their two fiends, Ezra and Nehemiah, towards the end of the 5th century B.C., who reformulated their entire old Mosaic ideas and transformed them into a cult full of grudge, hatred and hostility against all those people who were not circumcised and that is how they have remained so far.

This act of getting rid of the Philistines is described in 2 Samuel 3:14 as follows: “And David sent messengers to Ish-bosheth Saul's son, saying: Deliver me my wife Michal, whom I betrothed to me for a hundred foreskins of the Philistines.”

The mutilation of the Philistines by the Ivrits, who wanted to convert them to the Mosaic religion by force, was a long-term plan, a fanatic one, until these people and their religion disappeared forever from Palestine at the beginning of our era, as the Qumran writings prove it.

Antioch IV (175-164 B.C.), the Macedonian king of Syria who ruled Palestine at that time heard about the horrible acts of the Ivrits against the Philistines and other tribes, and in 168 B.C. he forbade them to practice the Mosaic cult, circumcision, and the reading of the Torah. The prompt response was a “civil war” which soon after, became an uprising led by Judah the Maccabee and his brothers.

Prurience replaces piety

Their stories found in the Talmud are nothing else but fibs or big fat lies, which they have claimed to be sacred and true revelations sent only to them by Yahweh, but they could never be confirmed by history! That is why the Ivrits (and later the Khazars) consider that they do not need history in order to write an account of their own existence and they believe that nobody has the right to contradict them, because whoever does that is being accused of anti-Semitism!

The Ivrits’ formula for capturing nations consisted of three serious social maneuvers.

This first criminal method was practiced by the Mosaics in the 1st and 2nd centuries of our era, remembered by Saul/Paul in Galatians 6:12-13: “As many as desire to make a fair shew in the flesh, they constrain you to be circumcised; only lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ. For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law; but desire to have you circumcised, that they may glory in your flesh.”

Today it is rabbis biting the tips off babies’ penises, creating a nightmare scene in a child’s brain that lasts a lifetime and makes him obedient to the wacko homo whims of male authority figures. This is the doorway to the sordid child slavery headlines that dominate the media today. The Ivrits’ twisted penchant for circumcision was a prelude to a plan that would be used . . .

. . . at a time when the Ivrits had in mind to expel all those non-circumcised, the debtor used to lose his property because of usury and usurers, being enslaved and often times sold as a slave as a result, and this is how he entirely lost his identity.

I think in the modern sense the circumcision bit pertains to the sexual slavery and porno industry the Ivrits control 100 percent today.

The second method used to destroy the Philistine community was the practice of lending money on interest, and making a profit was their specialty, as the Ivrits through the Brotherhood of Israel became accomplished masters.

Then, in a scam reminiscent of today’s Ivrit control of the White House and U.S. Congress, this secondary sovereignty the Jews always take for themselves inevitably undermines the social structure to which the kosher parasites have attached themselves.

The third method the Ivrits successfully used to make the Philistines disappear from history, was the use of their administrative power exercised in Palestine in the name of their Persian ruler for over 220 years. Abuse and all kinds of lawless deeds forced those people who opposed the greedy and mean Ivrits to leave their land for good and to spread all over the wide world.

This was a scene that the author witnessed in his lifetime when the Soviet Khazars took over his country for several decades. And it is a scenario that many have predicted will befall the U.S.

We, as Rumunians/Romanians were fully acquainted with the ferocious Bolshevik Mosaics, while our country was under the control of the USSR and the entire structure of the state fell into the hands of Khazars for 20 years. At that time 10% of the adult population of Romania, that is about 1.250.000 people, were terrorized by the Bolshevik institutions or were forced into labor camps and “rehabilitation schools”.

The hidden truth about Hebrews

In fact their real history is very different and they falsified it in the period between the 2nd century B.C. (when the Apocrypha, a totally different text from what we know as the Torah, was discovered at Qumran in 1947, and nobody, not even the Vatican has had any doubts about it!) and the year 90, when the Rabbis’ Conclave of Jamnia established the canon of the Mosaic text, which afterwards they delivered to the infamous Greeks and Romans as the most precious teaching / false histories.

The Ivrits were a tribe of only a few thousand people who sneaked out of the desert and into Palestine, forgotten by history for centuries as neither the Egyptians nor the Assyrians mentioned them, but when they grew in number, acquired some possessions and started rubbing their eye boogers to see clearer, then they could see that their neighbors had accomplished something, so they became green with envy and started boiling inside.

But because there was no other way for them to do this, they started lying and tailoring their lies, so that the whole world could fit into the pattern of their fabrications and later they found allies among the Greeks and the Romans.

Even John the big liar, wrote in Apocalypse 7:4-5 that his people chosen by Yahweh to lead the world, numbered 144.000 souls; they say that he wrote this at the end of the 1st century of our era, even though the information places his writings after the year 385.

The Getae living north of the Ister (Danube) River used to call their heroes Aseni and in Palestine that mysterious group of people was called by the Judeans Essenes; the Ivrits tried to convert them to Judaism by means of false writings and lies. Nevertheless the writings of the Essenes prove without any doubt that they are an indestructible part of the writings of the Getae, but many of them were destroyed by the Greeks and the Romans after the year 381 when the Judeo-Satanic false stories became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

The Philistines are mentioned as a people for the last time in history by the very pen of the enraged Ivrits, who at the beginning of the 1st century of our era set out to annihilate or to enslave the entire human race under the direct leadership and help of Yahweh.

In The War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness, a manuscript discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran, which they wrote while in exile, they said that when they would come to Palestine to free Jerusalem from the scent of those who were not circumcised, they would mercilessly decimate the natives of Judea: the Edomites, the Moabites, the Ammonites and the Philistines, but their hatred would also fall upon the Romans who were the conquerors of that region.

This nightmare continues today, unabated and worsening.

Constantin Olariu Arimin is among other things a relentless pursuer of Hebrew perfidy across time, a major scholar of Old Europe, and curator of the forgotten history of the Geats. Enter this universe at

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