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What do you do when you know
somebody is trying to kill you?

Should you kill them first?

Lots of old people talking about suicide these days. They don’t envy young parents who have to send their kids to school to dodge cross dressing child molesters clamoring for the right to fondle them.

An Olympic swimmer tried to speak at a San Francisco college assembly about how disappointed she was by being defeated by a man posing as a woman but was prevented, mobbed and assaulted by a foaming at the mouth crowd of transgenders and assorted other sexual miscreants.

The transgenders clearly do not believe in freedom of speech and neither does the government that is solidly on their side, and against the rights of normal healthy citizens who find homosexuality repulsive, unhealthy and the principal cause of the destruction of the nuclear family.

The entire world is under siege by rich psychopaths who want to control everyone, and the sad part is that most people, even at this late date, don’t even notice. I’m beginning to think that transgenders are the real zombie apocalypse.

Only morons support Ukraine

The United States created the war in Ukraine. Nine years ago the world’s financial powers staged the phony Maidan revolution, fixed the following U.S. election and have been planning for all-out war against Russia ever since. Now we are on the doorstep of a dire future that begins with a radical culling of the population, beginning with the robbery of everyone in the world, and the enslavement of the few who survive this unholy tyranny.

Prior to a few weeks ago, could you even have imagined such a thing? Now, all the countries in the world are banana republics, ruled by the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the World Sanhedrin, which rules the other two groups of society’s unelected commissars.

Unless you live in Palestine, or Yemen, or all those other downtrodden nation states whose lives have been blown up by the U.S. military and the conniving exploits of Wall Street and the Jewish world financial octopus . . .

They not only imagine it every day, but endure its gratuitous violence as well.

Shameful battle ribbons

The United States created the war in Afghanistan, and for the second or third time lost a war to a country without an army. Not a good sign for somebody to be challenging Russia when it can’t even defeat Iraq or Syria or Viet Nam.

There is worse news than that about our military. See further below.

How unlikely is it for a healthy country to be constantly declaring war on all these countries around he world for reasons always created by control of a commodity. In Iraq and Syria, the U.S. still maintains its death grip on the oil fields; in Afghanistan it was about control of the poppy fields, the essential ingredient in the control of the drug trade.

Al those countries we invaded did nothing wrong. It was the U.S. that did. America’s history is barbaric cloaked in heroic lies.

What made it easier to abandon the abuse of Afghanistan was the manufacture of fentanyl and other synthetics in China and Israel, and the changing nature of the drug industry, the second most lucrative market in the world. Today, heroin has become your father’s drug of choice, while marijuana is still the preference of your flower child grandparents who are still around. Current Fentanyl users face a short walk to the graveyard.

The primary reason for all these constant wars is to make the U.S. so unpalatable to the rest of the world that all the countries on Earth will get together and gang up on this out of control psychopathic monster and neutralize it before it can do any more damage. As God is my witness, they will be totally justified.

Just listen to this nun from Ireland . . .

At the same time the Pentagon demands another $842 billion after losing over $8 trillion fighting failed wars against goat herders in Iraq and Afghanistan, this report continues, the American banking contagion has cost Asian markets all the gains they’ve made this year—a contagion joined by Moody’s Investors Service announcing this morning it is placing the First Republic Bank and five other American lenders on review for a downgrade—an announcement quickly followed by the news: “Credit Suisse is facing the same fate as the once-mighty Lehman Brothers”—all of which is now joined by the grave warning: “Governments in the United States, Britain and Canada have been taking extraordinary steps to prevent a potential banking crisis...Since lenders don’t have the money they will be forced to close their doors and block depositors access to their accounts...As governments cannot protect all depositors, we could be facing a 1929-style Great Depression or worse – the collapse of the entire Western financial system”.

Get real

We must understand and admit we know that our government is trying to kill us. Openly, and in many different ways. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and things we listen to in our electronic media, denying the existence of our souls and that finer human instincts do not really exist and are totally dependent on the bottom line.

The first step is forcing your local governments out of office for their complicity in crimes against humanity by forcing their citizens to take the poison jab. The same process should follow with doctors, journalists, publishers, teachers and all those other scions of society who advocate compliance with the murderous dictates of our curdled governments, who are the total slaves to the billions generated by the Big Pharma homicidal maniacs.

As it stands now, law enforcement is not on our side, it is on the side of the rich corporations and the rich people who run them.

After first reconstituting federal law enforcement into something resembling honest investigators, we must plunder the medical establishment of its mass murderers and root out all those doctors who eagerly issued the fatal orders — whether they knew those orders were fatal or not.

When did we stop not prosecuting the filthy rich for their capital crimes because the system of government that stifles honest thought allowed the money manipulators to always avoid paying for their crimes. That was the problem with 9/11 and now is the problem with COVID.

As long as the rich can buy their way out of trouble, a just world will never be found, never mind nourished so it can thrive for the benefit of all.

Meanwhile, America’s banks are set to close and all the depositors robbed. You think it can’t happen here? It already has happened here. It just hasn’t yet reached your neighborhood.

What people don’t realize is that after forcing the military to take the COVID jabs or resign, America’s defenses are incapable of defending the country. They’re more worried about having homosexual sex than they are in protecting their homeland.

The only reason the USA has not already been invaded by a consortium of countries now eagerly lining up to join the BRICS financial alternative (also run by the Rothschilds) is that given the incompetence so eagerly displayed by America’s visibly demented leaders enthusiastically destroying their own country, everybody is waiting for the USA to self destruct on its own.

Our leaders are making great progress toward achieving this.

Many commentators have already voiced the opinion that honesty and morality are what is missing in all these great military pipe dreams now scrambling Ukraine. Yet it appears inevitable that humanity is about to destroy itself because of its inability to manifest either honesty or morality when they are desperately needed for our survival.

The name of your murderer

So just who would it be who is trying to kill you? Who put it in their plans for the coming year, nothing personal, just part of the business plan. You know, you’ll own nothing and be happy. I’m sure that thought will come to mind when you’re living happily under an overpass, wrapped in a second hand tarp from the roof of a nearby destroyed house.

You were never more than a number playing tricks for the boys in the studio, the ones who went to good schools and wound up learning the ropes from their parents and contacts how to construct a good life without having to worry who was robbing the country and how long their lucrative profession would last.

In a way, the behavior of the financial monarchs perfectly resembles the techniques of street thugs who assault Walgreen’s drug stores in savage possés, steal what they want and crush the innocent bystanders who never did a damned thing to these psychotic black thugs so kindly tolerated by our woke court system following the rules of the Jewish destabilization template, and letting the wolves roam the streets because it is part of their overall plan to savage the world and then requiring muscular police action to regiment the unruly masses.

The country has been destroyed deliberately. Rich people who don’t care about you wanted it to happen. These are the people who plan to kill you. What do you think you should do?

Keep in mind that millions more people are about to die and it’s very likely you will be one of them.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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