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. . . we’re in big trouble!


By now we know . . .

• The 2020 U.S. election was fixed by Event 201, a planning session organized by Bill Gates which created the phony COVID pandemic lockdowns in order to necessitate the need for mail-in ballots which allowed the colossal manipulation of the vote count and enabled the diabolical powers-the-be to install a phony president who couldn’t win an election in his own neighborhood never mind the entire country.

By now we know . . .

• Vote counting may never be interrupted because it facilitates ballot stuffing in the middle of the night that totally reverses the will of the people, who in 2020 re-elected Donald J. Trump by a landslide only to see the vote counting delayed to permit a massive influx of phony ballots inserted into the vote totals that changed the outcome of election, thereby accelerating the methodical destruction of the United States (which actually began in 1913).

By now we know . . .

• Three former presidents — Obummer, Dim Dubya and Slick Willie — have banded together to ask all Americans — many of whom have lost their jobs, their health or their loved ones to the fake disease — to open their homes to illegal aliens, who are now flooding the U.S. thanks to the criminal policies of neglect, sabotage and corruption devised by the Jewish billionaires who run their robotic successor, Sleepy Joe. This is a colossal insult to hard working Americans whose lives and property are now being systematically taken away from them. All four of these wretched creeps have contributed mightily to the designated demolition of America as the final step in the international bankers’ Communist takeover of the world.

By now we know . . .

Mainstream media, organized religion, the major universities, teacher unions, the medical community and the insurance industry have all become one with the government to implement policies that eliminate individual liberty and subvert what is left of the U.S. Constitution.

What IS left of the Constitution? Only the first two amendments — freedom of speech and the right to bear arms to protect us from an out-of-control government. Both of these promises are badly damaged and under siege, so if we don’t use them now to maximum effect we will never be able to use them again.

It is your sacred Constitutional duty to shoot those who try to take them away. That is what these amendments are there for, and the time to use them is right now.

By now we know . . .

America is not ruled by Americans, it is ruled by a foreign power and always has been. Some say the answer is two foreign powers — Britain and Israel — but they are both parts of the same all-encompassing political animal, the international Jewish bankers, whose main office is located in London, and has been since the 1600s.

Get it through your thick skull because it’s obvious. America is ruled by a foreign power. This same foreign power murdered the czar’s family in 1918 and took over Russia after murdering 100 million Russians throughout the 20th century. It took over China in 1945 by installing Mao Tse Tung (now they call him Mao Zedung) after years of training by Jews from Yale University, and he supervised the murder of 60 million Chinese.

Do the math. Observe the ever increasing dominance of Jewish advisers to the last six U.S. presidents, ever since the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and the changing of the immigration laws to flood the country with Africans and other foreigners, totally destabilizing the nation. This continuing policy of sabotage is about to go into hyperdrive with the opening of the southern border of the U.S. now only five days away, with 200,000 renegade “refugees” massed on the shores of the Rio Grande poised like a horde of locusts ready to finish off the domestic tranquility of America forever.

Five million illegal aliens have crossed that border since the phony president Biden took office, and judging by the insane chaos gripping all American cities, our formerly tranquil country consisting of hard working people will never be the same as the U.S. is about to be turned into a giant FEMA camp, in which critical comments will simply not be allowed.

By now we know . . .

You can’t believe what you hear on television and never could. We have been conned into believing the diversity is strength (a favorite destabilizing Jewish phrase) when exactly the opposite is true. The ever increasing Jewish penetration into our social systems has planted chaos in all our cities and doubt in all our families.

Homosexuality is the final nail in the coffin of our families, as gay men adopt babies and then farm them out to their friends for anal amusement.

By now we know . . .

Doctors have betrayed us for money, murdering old people who become old enough to know they have been plagued by fake diseases all their lives.

By now we know . . .

Warped sociologists destroy the futures of children by insisting toddlers need to have sex with decrepit old pederasts as early as possible, just as the insane Talmud recommends, making it impossible for them to ever have normal families that could honestly raise healthy children. By this method future generations are ruined forever — queered, you might say — and the demonic one state solution of curdled Jewish weirdos becomes the living hell of the future that ends in the eventual destruction, not only of individual freedom, but of healthy human civilization forever.

Once children are turned into fetishistic sex objects, they are no longer able to participate in the political process objectively, because they are demon driven by the compulsions of their own psychoses, which is just the way the Jews want us, because that’s the way they are.


By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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