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An exaggerated darkness
betrays the hypocrisy
of those arguing for war

 Unhappy anniversary. On the firebombing of Dresden, Feb. 13-15, 1945: Some call it the definitive action of the human species. A seldom achieved sadistic spree of mass murder on women, children, and art treasures, all melted together in an enormous pool of blood and ash, all totally unnecessary from a military point of view, like far too many American military misadventures.


As with so many other atrocities, the guilt primarily belongs to the Jews, as a singular expression of their pathological attempt to blot out all the achievements of the human species and create a docile drone people totally under their control which they will call “peace”?

What is happening right now to the Oroville Dam in California is also happening on a much larger scale to both the nation and human civilization — the foundation of everything is crumbling.

Our past beli\ef systems have spectacularly failed. Some say they have caused more damage than people with no belief system ever could have caused.

There’s no way to rebuild human civilization using existing traditions because the Christian churches have been stamped as child molesters, Islamic mosques gives birth to suicide bombers, and the Jewish religion is reserved for those swindlers and poisoners who believe — as so many others do — that they have a right to rule over everybody else in the world.

Yet the basis for civilized interactions among free people is also jeopardized by the degradation of what used to be regarded as these “holy” rules. Some of these were useful for life. Love of family, belief in an authority higher than one’s own ego, to name just two. 

Others were merely exercises to cotrol the obedient parishioners. Insisting that members of other religions were less than human. This became the eternal excuse for butchery, killing these emissaries of the devil, no matter who they were or what they actually said.

These rules provided societies with a standardized template that included essential provisions for people’s health and the health of the community. But organized religion has become impotent in the face of power, bribed into silence by lucrative tax advantages.

The basis for civilized society has been methodically and deliberately sabotaged by a nefarious network of clever Jews, who have polluted all the other religions with money.

A new world is about to be born and the only question is  . . . how ugly will it be?

Don’t shoot the messenger

It appears to be my lot in life to address issues that upset people. These are mostly people who are wedded to beliefs that do a lot of harm in the world. Many of them don’t realize the implications of their beliefs. They are so certain of them that they overlook the downside of beliefs that exclude others as inferior, but the same time they accept the poison platitude that we are all supposed to be equals when we clearly are not.

A Kalahari bushman is never going to teach physics at Harvard, yet Indian mathematicians rule their science with inspired diligence. So while we generalize about hired dupes to stir the pot in stifling inner cities, we neglect to study the repulsive bedroom habits of some of our nation’s leading intellectuals, as well as the consciences of most ordinary citizens who simply ignore their country’s constant practice of killing people who have done nothing wrong.

There is an exaggerated darkness that everyone uses to pitch their causes. Whether it’s war or peace, the facts get stretched to maximize the effort. This manifests primarily as unfair slander against leaders we wish to overthrow. 

Obama did it to Russia. Trump is doing it to Iran. We hung Saddam and left Qaddafi torn to pieces in the street. This is a portrait of U.S. foreign policy. This also defames innocent people all over the world who labor under the capricious whims of totalitarian leaders, almost all of whom obey the worldwide Jewish money masters.

All those nations not in synch with the Jews of London and the World Bank can expect to be No Fly Zoned like Syria has been bombed, like Japan was bombed in World War II, or Yemen is being bombed right now by the truly evil empire, the worldwide empire of totally corrupt Jews.

Unfortunately, as happened with the Likud in Israel, as factions grapple for power, the radical right eventually becomes the norm. Their certainty of purpose overwhelms those with doubts on the issue. The subtlety of Episcopalian liberals becomes reduced through the crucible of debate to a kneejerk certainty that what you believe must be true because it has made you so comfortable.

No matter how good it might make you feel, the tendency to exaggerate in support of one’s self interests skews the objective accuracy of one’s observations.

An exaggerated darkness sells newspapers, and is used by politicians to lead nations to war. That’s why newspapers seek out the worst stories, the most attention grabbing items, because they sell newspapers, or used to, when the main news venue was newspapers. Now it’s somewhere in cyberspace.

These rags were dominated by titillating scandals that remind us there are simply too many free news sites today that have better information than the moribund corporations that charge you ten dollars for their inflated and flatulent Sunday papers.

May we now examine the shadow over our own actions as we tilt the truth to fine tune our requirements for comfort?

There are too many falsehoods now believed by the wider public and most of the government to begin any kind of program of rehabilitation of the human species, whose main product is garbage that chokes the life out of everything that lives.

It is an exaggerated darkness that leads us to our doom, 360 degrees of terror threats that steal every last one of our freedoms.

This is a study of a world gone wrong.

The new program

There will be no further interplay of ideas. Your future has been already installed in your head. The puppetmasters merely shape your predilections into useful slave slots where you can feel satisfied with a tiny fraction of who you could actually be.

We spent all our time talking about presidential candidates without remembering that in all elections, the candidates are essentially the same, differing over trivial issues but in agreement on the weighty matters of making war and expanding the domain of the oil companies and weapons manufacturers. 

Gore would have bombed Venezuela; Bush chose Iraq. Both decisions were about oil. Think about who Obama defeated in elections — McCain and Romney. Two very rich hollow suits doing the bidding of their masters. Hillary would have attacked Russia, Trump wants to bomb Iran. Same story, different day.

What kind of culture is unable to resist the impulse to profit but totally ignores the damage done to others? In America, total lack of honest leadership, big time. When’s the last time you were inspired by the sublime rhetoric of one of our presidents?

Our picture of the world was shaped by sensational newspapers willing to create disasters and abet deceptions in a neverending quest for larger profits. 

Whatever happened to Henry Ford’s dictum that people should be paid a living wage so they can afford to buy the cars they make? That is an honest rule of thumb that hasn’t ever been followed. Except by Adolf Hitler and his genius move of the Volkswagen.

I often get the feeling that I’m writing the same story over and over again, and every now and then I prove it to myself, and now to you.

When the floor caves in (2011)

What human society is undergoing at the present moment is the delegitimization of its platform of belief, resulting in the vaporization of both the filter and the trance. When you lose the platform of who you are, the result is schizophrenia, an inability to be anywhere, and hallucinatory echolalia, which is exactly the mass madness engulfing the world today. 

And in this torpid moment, you couldn't be blamed for mistaking it for white noise, or even the voice of God. 

You must have proven to yourself by now that the only thing that can really save us now is real religion and honest poets who refuse to say what they're told to say, but instead do their best to say what everybody needs to hear. That's the only currency that really counts, and why the powers that be seek to stamp it out everywhere they put their smelly feet. 

Religion is schizophrenia, but then, so are poetry and hope, all connected to the same preliterate echo of the wonder of life imprinted inside every conscious mind. At the moment someone first attached a word to it, that's when the dream ended and the real trouble began. 

It was easy enough to name everything. But now we have to deal with the words we invented that have taken us down this bleeding blind alley of so-called consciousness, and try to figure out a way to keep those words we invented based on the thoughts we hallucinated from killing us all, don't you think? 

The only continuity in American government over the last hundred years has been the presence of Jew-controlled traitors. Compared to them, the political parties and the entire Congress have been irrelevant to the decision making that goes on at all times.

This invisible parasite remains responsible for most of the misery in the world, and it will be responsible for our own deaths if we don’t do something about it.

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