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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Drunk on its own corruption,
government in Washington
betrays all its allies while it
exterminates its own citizens

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Since our leaders have proved to the whole world that they simply won’t tell the objective truth about anything, Americans had better get used to the idea that they now are the enemy of everyone — most especially including our own government.

Repeating: The USA is now the enemy of everyone on Earth

You can see it in every interaction now, from the abandonment of its own troops in Afghanistan among the false reasons for wars it creates to the cynical prosecutions of its own former president who kept it out of most wars and now faces life in prison on a variety of contrived and specious charges.

Land of liberty now a totalitarian mess

Thanks to the sinister, shadowy control by International Jewry, the United States has become the enemy of every county on Earth as it lies through its teeth on every issue. Most tragically of all, the USA has discarded its own admirable traditions and begun murdering its own citizens as well as plundering its own country by opening its borders to random disease-bearing, drug-peddling alien criminals which it has deliberately arranged to import.

America’s shameful record of overseas crimes recently includes the demonic conspiracy in the murder of Ukraine and Europe, continuing secret wars for oil in Syria and Yemen, threatening China over the troubling question of Taiwan, and displaying its homicidal intent of reducing its own population through the use of toxic injections — even murdering babies in the womb with its badly tested, falsely promoted experimental jabs.

Covering up gross criminality

The social mind control experiments known as 9/11 and the COVID hoax have proven that humanity can be controlled by scripted scenarios which bear no resemblance to objective reality. The purpose of such ruses is to mask centuries-long embezzlements by the controllers of currency that can no longer be concealed except by blatantly obvious totalitarian measures, now on exhibition throughout the world but particularly in Australia and Canada, as people everywhere are deprived of their civil rights and ability to speak freely, if not their lives.

This is the real reason for the “new normal” and its pathetically stupid “build back better” slogan, which have been made possible by the sly decay in public education standards and objectives that prioritize servile obedience over the critical thinking skills necessary to individual survival.

Fabricated crises erase freedom of speech

As with the fictitious creations of nuclear weapons and global warming meant to terrorize humanity into compliance with arbitrary restrictions, these fabricated crises vaporize individual rights in favor of lockstep cultural measures which erase freedom of speech, thought and movement.

The two archetypal examples of this modern manipulation are the two 20th century world wars which were both created by the ultimate victors in order to eliminate competitive cultural systems which impeded the economic dominance of their existing corrupt Jewish financial systems.

More recently the prearranged attacks on both the wealth and the health of free peoples have been used to justify malicious measures that destroy individual financial independence by conceding control of money to the demented hands of criminal swindlers.

Thus we arrive today at the condition of the social paralysis of all individuals, best illustrated by the recent calls to eliminate farming in order to accomplish the illusory goal of battling atmospheric pollution — yet another false postulate aimed at reducing the population in the name of health by deliberately killing people deemed unnecessary to the perverse plans of our corporate Communist controllers.

Imaginary enemies, concocted diseases

Of all the great disasters perpetrated upon humanity throughout its tragic history — worse even than the deliberate fouling of the air we breathe — this forced conversion of cowardly doctors into willing murderers has to rank with the worst of human atrocities.

Concocted by the world’s richest men and the soulless bankers they employ, the establishment of CBDCs — Central Bank Digital Currencies — puts an end to individual freedom and erases all previous moral standards aimed at protecting the rights of individuals everywhere.

After centuries of pretending its flawed health recommendations of bogus scientists have improved the health of individuals, humanity’s concession of the rules for healthy living to megalomaniacs far more interested in profiting from ailments they can inflict rather than curing hazards that affect us all have resulted in a worldwide population drop that ultimately might never be able to be reversed and the declining health of the people be repaired.

The fate of disingenuous despots

Assuming the USA doesn’t destroy itself as a result of its own corruption, it will be destroyed by other countries who can no longer put up with its rampant criminality that is gradually and unwillingly being revealed by its own corrupt media as they chronicle the depraved deceptions it has used to enslave and exploit not only the rest of the world but also its own deceived citizens.

As just one example in a veritable sea of untrustworthy and duplicitous acts, its betrayal of its allies Europe by blowing up the Russian oil pipeline in the Baltic Sea that has raised Europe’s energy costs by a factor of seven serves as an example to the rest of the world of what continued reliance on the Jew-controlled American monstrosity augurs for the tremulous future of the entire world.

What has happened is that the world is realizing that the USA is the oppressor of the planet and needs to be immediately stopped from its foolhardy and reckless behavior before it’s too late to correct the demented depredations it has foisted upon the world.

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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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