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Premeditated mass murder,
sandbagged investigations
and deceptive explanations

American politicians
have no qualms about
killing their own people

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What kind of government kills its own citizens to further its own corrupt political objectives? Possibly the correct answer is ALL governments, but for certain, one undeniable answer to this all time important question is the U.S. government.

How many false flag atrocities do you need to see? How many lame explanations do you need to hear? How many innocent people do you need to see put in jail for telling the truth or lose their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Although the murderous combination of corporate media and corrupt politicians attempted to blame 9/11 on imaginary Arab terrorists, 22 years of critical history have demolished that fantasy thanks to our leaders’ own inability to authentically name the perpetrators of that monstrous tragedy because they would have had to name themselves.

Likewise, the premeditated immolation of the glitzy Hawaiian village named Lahaina clumsily blamed on a hurricane too far away to even muss up anyone’s hair fails to obscure the knowledge of the high-tech beams from above which melted cars and holocausted homes with people inside them whose tragic corpses could not even be identified from the incinerated white ash of their cremated remains.

Twin terror attacks

Among the damning similarities of the two contrived disasters were the deliberately crippled investigations staged by tight lipped officials put in place previously to parrot the official party line of “we had nothing to do with it.”

Back in 2001 President Bush, who was in Florida reading about goats, quickly cordoned off the WTC site and shipped off the dustified remains of the two skyscrapers to China, saying memorably, “They hate our freedoms.” He was telling the truth, but really speaking about himself and his warped associates.

In 2023, the Jewish governor of Hawaii, while quickly shipping the surviving natives out of the area while promising the state would buy their discounted property, just as quickly erected an opaque fence around the atomized tombs of houses so no one could observe what kind of evidence was being concealed forever.

In the meantime, in both events, the sudden deaths of innocent people — and in Hawaii, mostly children — remain uncounted and unexplained. For more than a century in Hawaii, disposing of its rightful owners of the property seems to be the most important priority of its wealthy owners.

Given the colossal impact of America’s fractured Southern border, this seems to be the new rationale throughout the USA — get rid of the rightful owners and replace them with naive immigrants who will take the freebies and do what they’re told.

Meanwhile, the corrupt billionaires who have commandeered our democracy always justify the tragedies they deliberately engineer by saying, “It was just business,” while these two horrific examples of corporate mass murder — 22 years apart — remain uninvestigated and unsolved.

The real business of 9/11 was to create an excuse to bomb all those countries which possessed raw materials coveted by the power elite, notably oil in Iraq and poppies in Afghanistan.

The aim of the firebombing of Maui revolves around possession of valuable real estate and the disposal of the natives, a mission enthusiastically supported by the curdled Hollywood celebrity neighbors who immediately offered to buy the deliberately desolated landscape for pennies on the dollar.

Parallel mystery weapons

No one can fail to notice the suspicious variety of arguments over what natural or unnatural forces were responsible for each of these twin disasters. Since 9/11 the avalanche of government terror operations has steadily increased, sexual perversions promoted, black gangster tactics encouraged and patriots incarcerated.

Honest journalism has totally disappeared from the mainstream and as both media and government have been subsumed by corporations emphasizing profits over truth. Jews chuckle over Larry Silverstein’s get rich quick scheme by leasing the Twin Towers and then having them blown up by unscrupulous politicians backing the Arab terror fantasy.

Blaming 9/11 on planes was untenable from the outset, given the controlled demolition character of the fall of the Twin Towers, not even to mention the white puffs of smoke noticed as the buildings collapsed and carcinogenic clouds engulfed Manhattan. Surprisingly, Judy Wood’s minority opinion of directed energy weapons playing a role in the destruction of the World Trade Center has gained new credence since the Maui event seems to be the certain result of instantaneous ignition caused by exotic microwave weaponry.

Mass murder to create endless war, and mass murder for land grab by elite demons like Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg — same story, different day, all pointing to the end of freedom for everyone in the world, at least for those who manage to stay alive throughout the increasing depredations that are burning up the world right before our eyes.

The terror card is beginning to fray

How many times can they play the same trick on a gullible public? This is why they want to kill off the old people. Once you’ve seen the same old scam come around about seven times you tend to pick up on what’s going on.

America’s record of abusing people around the world has been so shameful that other countries are starting to pick up on it too, which is why the BRICS alternative to America’s Jewish run financial hegemony, the same monster Hitler tried to stop but failed, is attracting most sensible countries around the world, away from the kosher wizards of Wall Street

But the Jew monsters in Washington — the same gang that killed JFK and brought down the Twin Towers — won’t stop of their own accord, and have begun cannibalizing Americans big time, fulfilling the popular Jew prophecy boasted by both Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu from their psychotic stronghold in the Middle East — “When we’re done with America, it can just dry up and blow away.”

The oldsters I talk to know that our final, irreversible reckoning is well under way. The evening news is brought to you by Pfizer, a Jewish company. So is your cancer, your myocarditis, and your burning up by microwaves in your melting car.

My friends all know we can’t vote our way out of this. All the candidates promising to save us have their lips glued to the nether regions of the Jew shysters. Sacrificing the rest of us has made them rich. Sure, pick a candidate. DeSantis, who goes to Israel to wipe his ass with our Constitution. And Trump, our patriot savior — there’s a street named after him in Jerusalem, where the Zadokites spit on your Savior.

I suppose you could hang around to see Moochella as our next transgender president, if the migrants or the bankers or the homicidal doctors don’t get you first. Don’t forget your booster shot.

These events — Maui and 9/11 — are parables for the rest of us bovine bozos. You’re sitting your car, waiting for beams from above, too dumb to get out and jump into the ocean. All of a sudden, but much too late, you see the light. Not the lost light, but the last light.

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