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Don’t ever trust mainstream media
or the billionaires who own them


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Interesting statistic. Hat tip to “bonanzaman” and Stan Hess for finding these statistics about the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

133 million registered U.S. voters. Max turnout maybe 65 percent, let’s say 90 million. No one would embellish Trump’s votes, so 74 million is likely the case. That means O’Biden got 16 million (instead of the 81 million they said he got). But 74 plus 81 equals 155.

Do you think the election was fixed? Do the math, if you dare. If you wish to be honest with yourself.

The point being . . . (!) Trump scored a record landslide yet lost the election, according to the Commie media and the Democrat billionaires who own them. And now they’ve made challenging this obviously bogus election a crime. This is now the dilapidated state of freedom in America.

The saddest part of all this is the level of retardation of the people who believe what they read in the newspapers or see on GLIB-TV.

The fire hurricane

Sure! The incineration of Hawaii’s most picturesque village was caused by a hurricane-boosted forest fire except that the hurricane was 500 miles away and there was no forest there to burn.

They cut off the water and deliberately trapped people in their cars so they would burn to death, making their land easier to steal.

The islands’ Jewish governor immediately said the state was going to take the land and create a memorial to the fire hurricane’s victims without ever once mentioning the 2,000 children who magically disappeared and are still missing, if not incinerated.

Will this become a new Jewish holiday or is it one already? How cheap has life become? Dirt cheap. It always was, and still is.

Species suicide

The story said . . .

We are writing to you with an urgent appeal from our hearts to yours. The fight against the deadly COVID-19 jabs has never been more urgent. You may be aware of the Nobel Prize in Medicine being awarded to the developers of the mRNA “vaccine” but it gets worse.

Today, MedPage, one of the most influential medical publications, blatantly launched a campaign to inject the mRNA experimental drug into the arms of every pregnant woman in America. It is not hyperbole to say that where they have not succeeded with adults, children, and infants, they are now coming after babies and their mothers.

An itch we cannot scratch

After many thousands of years of human history, we have come to this. Final result: we are afraid to face tomorrow because we are ruled by the monsters of our own desire.

Our doctors agree to kill us for large amounts of money. What will they spend it on after they have killed all their patients?

Our leaders agree to destroy the country, again for large amounts of money, so they agree to abandon their own people and flood the country with refugees, who are ostensibly here to kill us and our children, and take our homes.

Do they think their new replacement citizens will love them? What will they do when there are no more stores left to loot? And no more fashionable handbags left to steal?

After all these centuries we definitely have arrived at a plan that cannot work, to deliberately kill ourselves in the name of civilization. You’d think we could have realized this was a faulty plan, but we chose to believe our leaders and trusted in a god from outer space, all because we were afraid to die, and our prophets told us that if we just waited three days we would rise again and live forever.

The smart people have had enough

So it has come to this. All my white haired friends now sing the same tune. It goes like this. “I’m so glad I’m old . . . and won’t have to live through much more of this.”

Or the slight variation: “I’m so glad I don’t have kids in school . . .” where perverts keep the information from their parents that they have scheduled surgery for their children to amputate their genitals and then teach them that they never really had a soul to lose.

‘Look in the mirror’

This was the title of the second story I ever wrote on the internet. The first was about the Patriot Act, which was aimed to thwart those phantom terrorists right after 9/11. But that second story was one that no one would print. They still won’t.


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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida until February 7, 2024. He was constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work.

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