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Permanently eliminating
the world’s foremost problem

Either they all need to be destroyed,
or they will destroy the world.
This is an immutable fact of history
which everyone already knows.

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They are the victims of their own primary commandment, which is to kill everyone else that they cannot convert into obedient slaves and merely save a few specimens on reserve for organ transplants and as sex slaves.

Klaus Schwab. Albert Bourla. Benjamin Netanyahu. Ron DeSantis. People who believe they are better than the people they are trying to kill. They are transcendental hypocrites of the highest order, utterly unable to recognize the first and foremost rule of their own philosophy, which is:

Love of money is the root of all evil.

This Jewish hypocrisy is destroying the world, as monsters insisting genuine human beings are cattle, counting their money while the rest of the world starves, and shooting children in the head for sport.

It’s a proven fact. Over the past century or so, Jewish control of the U.S. money supply has piled up a $33 trillion debt bubble. Criminal corruption of the money lenders has bankrupted every country on Earth, and they’ve worked out an onerous payment plan that has allowed them to own every single property, product and person on the planet.

They don’t care who dies. Non Jews who remain alive are a terrible inconvenience to them because they remind them that they have to murder people in order to feel comfortable.

This curdled concept of the ruthless middleman — after all, it’s just business! — has destroyed both the producer and the consumer through the devious creation of such swindles as NGOs, derivatives and Ponzi schemes which are in the process of crashing every single economy in the world.

Let’s flip the script

I’ve always wanted to turn the tables on the sinister Jews, who insist they are the only genuine humans on Planet Earth, when it’s perfectly clear to everyone else that due to their total lack of concern for all living things, they are obviously the only true nonhumans.

And there’s a very simple way to do it — simply apply the Talmudic restrictions and abuses that they use to penalize everyone else. Make them victims of their own rules. Do to them what these barbaric sadists recommend doing to everyone else.

Make every Jew in the world take the operation they have prescribed for everyone else.

First and foremost, since they have been trying for centuries to eliminate the sexes and destroy motherhood so they can produce sexless worker bee humans in their singularity laboratories — you know, the places where they manufacture their killer vaccines so they can reduce the world’s population down to a manageable number, leaving just enough goyim alive to staff their plastic plantations and serve as suitable sex slaves for these adrenachrome guzzling perverts like Hillary Clinton and Celine Dion.

Since they like the practice so much and make so much money from it, simply mandate that all Jews undergo sex change operations. The great thing about transgenderism is that once you undergo the sex change operation, you can no longer reproduce. Yes, you can no longer manufacture children with your phony vaginas and synthetic penises, which is the permanent solution to get rid of all Jews that humanity has been looking for many thousands of years.

Just imagine. A Jew-free planet. What a joy it will be. No more madmen secretly profiting from clandestine chaos, lying through their teeth about their own perverse philanthropy.

The symbol of a soul is compassion for others, and the Jews have none. According to their so-called holy book, religious Jews consider all other people in the world animals, beasts, cockroaches and cattle, available for abuse by the Godlike Jews.

The United States is a danger to the whole world precisely because of the Jews who have taken control of the money supply through the instrument of the Federal Reserve, which creates America’s money out of nothing but debt and then charges us repeatedly for it, leading to its current control and eventual bankruptcy of the American economy.

The White House, Congress, the universities, the media, the medical profession, the law — all infested with Jews intent on destroying America and turning the world into a giant prison camp, just like the Jews from Brooklyn did to Russia and the beastly boys from Yale did to China.

Jew control of the money supply has produced such atrocities as Nancy Pelosi leaving office with hundred of millions of dollars from her illegal insider trading as well as Barack Obama living in a $10 million mansion from his $250,000 per year salary from his days in the White House. You’ve doubtless heard recently Obama’s transgender wife is the leading candidate to replace the current occupant of the White House, that feeble evil dinosaur and his crack smoking child raping son.

This is the depth to which the United States of America has sunk. Neutering and neutralizing the Jews will put America and the world on the road to recovery.

Look in the mirror!

Americans who wish to be honest with themselves must now take a hard look at what’s left of their country and try to calculate if it can — or should — survive.

If it ever was, today it is no longer is the honorable republic that we as patriotic citizens always wished it would be. For today, after many lifetimes of making war all over the world and more recently committing serious crimes against its own people, it is difficult to deny that America has become the leading source of evil in the world, using facile lies to justify needless slaughter at every turn.

Americans are blinded by their own media and educational systems, cynically forced to believe its actions are good and noble, when it has become clear to the all the world that its behavior has become — and perhaps it always has been — incomparably evil and corrupt.

The so-called greatest country on Earth, run by brain dead but well paid zombies doing the evil work of Israel and the demented Jewish people, has become the chief architect of the destruction of the planet.

It must be admitted, though the Jews have furnished all the weapons and set the stage for the slaughters, it is the Americans who have been pulling the trigger all this time.

Set up for the kill

The powers that run the world must stage a great reset to cover up the tracks of all the money the middlemen have stolen in fees over the years. This is what has busted everyone’s budget — sheer corruption, better known as the cost of doing business, which consists primarily of bribes and theft.

The innocent people who pay their taxes are the ones who pay the freight.

Wherever you look, you find Jews swindling their lesser brethren.

They don’t have a soul; they only pretend to.

Nikki Haley is a nonhuman certifiable monster, just another Jew-sucking mangy dog.

What you see is a dying country, contributing mightily to a dying world . . .

USA is being consumed by its own corruption . . .


Jews should all be forced to undergo sex reassignment surgery, in the same way they have advocated it for everyone else, which would make them permanently unable to reproduce, and also prevent them from ever making love for the rest of their lascivious lives, the perfect punishment for their crazed culture of child rape and sexual mutilation which they inflict on their own children through the perverse teeth of their lying, psychotic rabbis, infamous for biting off the tips of their babies’ penises, subliminally turning their molested child victims into maniacs for life.

Eager to drop their bombs on Gaza, and anywhere else actual human beings are known to exist . . .

This good for the goose, good for the gander idea would also very beneficially apply to doctors, politicians and other media mavens who blithely argue for the necessity of vaccines. Given the poor track record of the so-called COVID cures, this philosophy would also help weed out the weirdos who led many people to the deaths during the past few years by advocating so certainly for people to get jabbed and potentially lose their lives for this nightmare disease that was never proven to exist.

Just like the concept of worthwhile Jews — never proven to exist.

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