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Apparently, even its own!


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White people in general but Americans in particular have embarked upon a fateful course that will lead to their complete destruction should they fail to see the error of their ways and divert from their present suicidal course. This tragic self deception might have already reached its conclusion, rendering its devastating effects irreversible.

The ironic fact that whites have been lured into this social suicide by nonwhite Jews is meaningless consolation for the loss of their once robust but thoroughly sadistic empire.

The maniac collection of psychopaths known as Israel has renounced all pretensions of normal human behavior and decided they are the controllers of the fate of everyone on the planet. Exhibiting the most pronounced combination of psychiatric abnormalities and antisocial behavior, they have decided they can kill anyone they wish for any reason.

This rabid rationalization is supported by all the nations they control via their manipulative control of money, and unfortunately for humanity, this includes a majority of the planet’s population.

A vivid but quick assessment of America’s grim series of pointless wars during the 20th century starkly reveals its path to social suicide, irrelevance and disintegration.

Jews are weasels

The plundering of the world’s assets and the pollution of the world mind by Jewish controlled Western depravity and corruption is no more vividly illustrated than by the multi-colored rainbow flag promoting homosexuality and pedophilia which adorns all the trappings of Western military might.

This is a clear sign to the exceedingly moral rest of the world that this is a horrifying badge of warped oppression which must be opposed at all costs. Ultimately, this is the death notice for the financial hegemony of Wall Street and the City of London, a withering of all the tentacles of worldwide Jewish financial power due to its stomach-churning moral repugnance.

America’s thoughtless endorsement of Jewish brutality in Gaza, coupled with its horrific track record of obliterating defenseless countries with obscene weapons of war, clearly shows that Washington is on an irreversible trajectory to oblivion and irrelevance.

Consumed by its own thoughtless greed, the West is strangling as the rest of the world, greatly relieved, applauds at their first genuine sniffs of their own free will, which powers their escape from the suffocating exploitation of their previous but now enfeebled capitalist landlords, who now stand revealed as enthusiastic mass murderers.

Ignoring self abuse

What is extremely puzzling to the rest of the world are the unmistakable signs of self-sabotage emerging from within the United States and its crippled allies as they shrivel into irrelevance.

First and foremost, the white countries of Europe and North America failed to perceive that Jewish influence within this bloc has sabotaged their own welfare by the unimpeded importation of Third World immigrants undermining the very honest work ethic that made them economically successful in the first place.

The deterioration of America and the Jew-controlled Western world has been further accelerated by its divestment of home grown industry to Third World countries for a quick financial advantage that obviously was never going to last very long.

Politicians get rich everywhere by their own clandestine financial chicanery. History shows this intemperate bad habit drastically shortens the lifespan of nations which permit it, the foremost forgotten example being the Roman Empire.

But the deliberate and sadistic abuse of citizens by their own curdled leaders has refocused this terroristic tyranny from the routine destruction of other countries unable to defend themselves from the juggernaut of the Western war machine to a cannibalization of their own citizens through the impromptu — and improper — creations of nongovernmental organizations that have totally subverted the integrity of their supposedly normal democratic processes.

Drug pushers in high places

Foremost among these sinister social parasites have been the European Union, which neutered all elected governments, and the World Health Organization, which has eliminated individual nation states under the ugly umbrella of a worldwide healthcare dictatorship, tragically based on decidedly unhealthy policies geared to promoting deceptively dangerous and profitably addictive drugs.

At the bottom of all this chicanery has been the Rockefeller-created United Nations, which spawned the regional NGOs that cleverly superseded the local control of duly elected officials. The UN evolved from relatively ancient criminal organizations such as the first Dutch and later British East India corporations, which commandeered world trade by force in the way that the World Bank and the World Health Organization do now.

Central to this world control have always been the world drug and slave trade, which dominate the unseemly underside of world politics, and notably played a major role in the evolution of Communist control of China by Jews from Yale University who mentored the dictator Mao Tse Tung.

Basically the same thing happened to Russia with the successful mass murder plot engineered by ruthless Jewish financiers in the creation of the Soviet Union. Now the same sinister scheme has come to fruition in the United States with the ascendance of Black Rock and their fiendish friends culminating in their capture of America and elimination of individual freedom with the malignant mechanism of central bank digital currencies, the ultimate straitjacket of the capitalist conspiracy.

Legacy of brutal butchery

The hallmark of Western military supremacy has always been gratuitous and superfluous mass murder. The whole world recognizes the lurid list of salacious American slaughters — Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Dresden, Hiroshima, Fallujah . . . and now Gaza.

Don’t quibble about the inclusion of the genocide of Palestinians in awful list of American atrocities. The ascension of the USA to its awful achievement as the world’s preeminent superpower, like Britain before it, was the exclusive production of international Jewry, which throughout the 20th connived for creation of the insane nation of Israel, so eloquently described by Adolf Hitler as “a university for budding crooks.”

From the poisoning of the wells at Deir Yassin to the inexorable and unending slaughter of the Palestinian people right up to the present moment, the notorious Jewish state has vividly demonstrated two terrible things: that it can never tell the truth about anything it does, and that it can never stop murdering its fellow human beings which perpetually and derisively describes as cattle, or cockroaches.

With its current extermination of the beleaguered remnants of the defenseless Palestinians, Israel has exceeded the limits of tolerance of everyone on Earth, and in a wave of worldwide revulsion at its unacceptable behavior is about to be permanently swept into the dustbin of history by an outraged human population.

Sure to accompany it on its unavoidable journey to the fires of hell will be its mindless muscleman, the United States of America, which appropriately enough has been destroyed from within by the very Jewish saboteur perverts who have earned the well-deserved animosity of all the well-meaning people of the world who have been screwed by these wicked devils since time immemorial.

At long last, there is no place left in the world where it is inappropriate to call out Jewish perfidy as a fatal illness to the health of humanity.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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