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You are now entering
the Great Catastrophe

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WE are entering a period of mass madness, a worldwide Nakba, the great catastrophe, a festival of death, from which we will not easily emerge for many years. I predicted this back in the 1990s, I could see it coming, I’m amazed it has taken so long to get here. We have been in a period of constant war for centuries, it’s impossible to deny. The events in Gaza have allowed it to accelerate and now there is no easy remedy, and it’s already spinning out of control.

As I’ve said now for some 20 years at the end of all my essays, our affliction is caused by a corrupt belief system in which we believe we will not die, and this has resulted in the already well developed destruction of our civilization.

How ironic is it as we send our troops over to help Israel exterminate the Palestinians, International Jewry has fabricated a demonic plan to send endless numbers of immigrants up through Central America across the border from Mexico to destroy the United States from within.

It’s the same way Jacob Schiff sent Leon Trotsky and a train full of gold to Russia to begin the festival of death known as Communism, still being practiced today in Gaza, the ultimate objective of the Jewish religion, killing all these innocent people to prove that we do not die, though we do.

It is our failure to believe this that is causing this new festival of death, the new great catastrophe, a worldwide Nakba. We see it in the air, which has been made more difficult to breathe, deliberately by scientists, ironically to protect us from the Sun, which is our real God, and without which life on the planet would not exist.

We had that festival at Dartmouth College with Dennis and Donella Meadows, two good Jews, called The Limits to Growth, the perfect rationale to implement the Talmudic prescription of killing of the entire population of the world so that the Jews could reign in hell, in the worldwide ghetto of mass destruction that they have longed to create.

We just witnessed our involuntary introduction to his new Nakba with the COVID destruction, an entirely Jewish production, fake Jewish cure imposed by a worldwide Jewish government promoted by glib Jewish media that some say has already killed billions with predictions that it will kill billions more.

The political world is run by violence, who wields the biggest club, how many millions can we kill from how far away?

Our level of intelligence, our ability to reason, have plummeted drastically, by design, as our slavemasters have desired to control our every move, our every thought, on the pretext it would save us from death, that it would make us healthier, as it made us sicker.

Quite likely it is too late to offer solutions, we are too far down that road, to avoid the penalty of mass death for our voluntary stupidity. Oddly, about all we have left is prayer and regret, two ultimately useless solutions.

The bomb we have built with our fear is too big to stop now, the momentum is too great, the lies too ubiquitous. Everybody believes that Jesus or Allah or your all-knowing rabbi will save us, when they are exactly what have killed us. My god is better than your god. Watch him beat you up. God is a man with a rifle who cannot read and cannot see, aiming only where the priests tell him to, claiming they are him.

I had a dream last night about a beautiful woman with a twisted face that looked exactly like my own. Her only answer was to keep on kissing beautiful strangers, so she could never see her own face in the mirror of her dreams, leaving her progeny to figure out their dilemma for themselves, which they could never do.

When we look in that mirror and see no answer there, our only recourse is to make things comfortable for those we choose to love. Back before Akhenaten’s Jews came and took it all away, we knew that the only thing that counted was what we did for others, and what we did for ourselves meant nothing in that vast silence of the unknown universe of ourselves.

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