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I think what I do is important. But I get very few responses. 

Lately I mentioned how ironic it is that the USA is quick to join Israel in genociding the Palestinians, but at the same time International Jewry funds these international aid organizations like Catholic Charities and Lutheran world services who fund all these Third World young men on their long journeys from Africa and other places. 

First to Istanbul, then they fly to Bogota, then they go by bus to the Darien Gap in Panama, then they are taken by other buses up through Central America to the Arizona border, from where they are distributed by other aid agencies throughout the USA, given debit cards and $2,200 per month — more than what I get from Social Security — they’re given cellphones, free food and free lodging and the choice of where they want to go, what city they want to sponge off of, all in preparation for the time when all together they will begin to violently remove Americans from their homes and take their places. 

This our whole government, our media, our doctors and our preachers wholly support. They are controlled by the same foreign power that controls us, that nobody dares to speak about, that has destroyed our country and is about to destroy us.

These are the things I write about, that I have been writing about for 20 years, and I hardly hear from anybody, I hardly get any support for what I’m doing.

I know this is a time when everybody’s in trouble, trying to keep out of the spotlight and avoid this terrible fate that is about to engulf all of us. Everybody’s worried about their money suddenly becoming worthless due to the machinations of the bankers, who are all controlled by the international bankers whom everybody is afraid to mention are Jews.

I have a lot of people to thank for supporting me in a modest way for 20 years. They’re just a trickle now, hardly anybody reads what I write, what I try to say. I thank you all for the inspiration you provide, have provided for so long. It’s just that I hardly hear from anybody anymore. I’ll just keep writing until I run out of everything, which looms closer each day. I know everybody’s in the same boat.

I know I’m holding up my end. Whatever you can spare will help me do that for as long as possible. I know we’re all in the same boat. It might not be much longer. I hate having to say this, and I know we all could say it.

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