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Slow suicide of society revealed as deliberate
as entire world lines up to destroy Jew-run USA

Sure, let’s burn down the forests
and destroy all the farms
like the government says

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The term mental illness is seldom used by Jewish-dominated media to describe the homicidal actions of Jewish-dominated government, doubtless because they are they both infected by the same warped values, which are best characterized by the trending trait of killing their own citizens to demonstrate a fabricated threat that needs to be addressed by the mindless aggression of total warfare which is the basis of their own profitability.

It happened on 9/11, it happened with COVID, and it’s happening now.

This is the most recent example:

Israeli military deliberately killed Israelis

The revelation that Israel engineered the murder of its citizens to justify its response aimed at wiping the Palestinian population off the map — and hence increasing the murder of its fellow residents by an exponential factor — is merely the latest example of this twisted kosher power alliance’s desire to use the murder of its own citizens as an excuse to murder those it falsely blames for these horrendous crimes in the first place.

You want evidence? For simplicity’s sake, let’s take it back only 30 years: Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Sandy Hook and all the school shootings and public murders and massacres, and most recently, the COVID scam and the Maui incineration with the still-unexplained disappearance of 2,000 children. Add in all the other suspicious holocausts of cities and towns purportedly caused by beams from the sky, plus the “accidental” torchings of our food supply).

Government — our own government — causing our deaths for purposes of increasing security from threats it itself has caused, evidenced by the cause of 15 million dead from the poison jab being surreptitiously devised and executed by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Throw in the total corruption of the justice system, in which patriots are jailed for protesting the abuse of their rights and criminals actually paid our government are set free after arson, murder and mayhem and you have more tangible proof that the fix is in, and government and media are now participating in a widespread scheme to murder their own populations.

The case is ironclad. The media are lying and our government abets this deliberate criminality. The 2020 election and a billion otherwise healthy people sick and dying from a government jab are simply more proof that an immediate resolution is desperately needed.

So much for recent history.

Americans need to wake up immediately and realize the all-encompassing threat to our immediate future, especially about the deliberate infusion of millions of refugees invited by our government for what can be no other reason than to destroy our country.

Unfortunately this much needed awakening is not likely to happen.

Americans will pay
for Israel’s crimes

They shoot children in the head for sport. I thought that was the worst thing they did until they started bombing Gaza and charcoal baby corpses started turning up. Thousands of them.

Palestinian parents hold their charred dead babies. Rabbis tell them they deserved to die. Jews pretend to wonder why everyone hates them. America comes in on the side of the murderers. Have you thoughtless Americans speculated on what the rest of the world thinks about that?

All that high tech hardware massed in the Mediterranean eager to support raw extermination of an entire ethnicity. Maybe this is always how the rest of the world has always viewed Americans. Stone cold killers.

Jews claim they are the only genuine human beings on the planet and that all other people are beasts, who exist only to serve them as slaves in their profoundly unhealthy perversions on their stolen land.

Their so-called holy book, which drips with the blood of innocents, tells them they can murder people with no penalty. The ritual of their annual promise to lie — the Kol Nidre oath — is regarded as their holiest virtue. Swindling people and causing wars are what they are best known for.

Do you understand the meaning of the word “oxymoron”? It is the juxtaposition of contradictory terms that illustrate an ironic fact, such as the famous maxim of George Orwell, “war is peace,” which refers to the barbarism of the civilized world.

Massacre, mutilate, millennia

“Order out of chaos” — a phrase taken right out of the Old Testament describing how the universe was formed — is the best way to describe their philosophy. It is an evil formula which has destabilized societies for millennia and is happening right now as they massacre and mutilate innocents in Gaza.

Through their control of money, they have destabilized the lives of every person on Earth through countless generations. This toxic talent has allowed them to pollute every aspect of human endeavor through their warped formula of the inversion of values in which good becomes evil, which makes evil good in their warped and depraved minds.

This is reflected in all the Western religions, which battle each other to the death over cynically created concepts conceived by the Jews to guarantee permanent conflict. This sadistic sabotage of humanity’s higher values is their chief industry.

It also characterizes all the governments in the world, constantly trying to enslave others while they increase the control of their own people.

The phrase that Werner Sombart coined was “wars are the Jews’ harvest.” For a demonic group such as the Jews focused only on profit, wars are their holy grail, the ultimate oxymoron.

Why does the United States support a country that murders defenseless women and children with impunity?

For two reasons: 1. Because Jews own the United States and control the behavior of its hypnotized citizens. And 2. Because the USA has long practiced the same unconscionable behavior. Think Trail of Tears.

The rest of the world knows this. Think about what the rest of the world will do when they get their hands on us. But don’t think too long.

The five million “refugees” who have just been allowed to cross our border — and have been funded by our own government in concert with worldwide Jewish “charity” organizations — are about to let us know.

Think your upcoming premature death that with each passing day you will no longer be able to avoid.

But beyond war and politics, think polluted belief system that has anesthetized you prior to your next operation by your trusted medical profession, which surely will be your last.

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