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Hi Willem,

I don't know why it should happen now, but it finally hit home about what you said about the Palestinians the other day, and I suddenly realized that  I am carrying my previous attitude about them that I formed in the '70s when I was considerably to the left politically of where I am now. I'm not even sure that left and right are still politically recognizable anymore, at least not in the way they used to be. Left has gone totally freaked out Communist wanting to destroy their own country and right has gone totally corrupt  proJew capitalist devoid of all humane concerns. The left used to be humanitarian and compassionate in my time while the right were uncaring warmongers. Now the roles have somewhat reversed, judging by the left black penchant in recent years of wanting to burn down American cities, while the right just wants to preserve the good lives they have already led.

So where does that leave the Palestinians being systematically exterminated these days with no one to argue on their behalf except as charity cases destined to wind up on an impoverished reservation if they manage to remain alive at all.

I guess why I would continue to support them out of generalized humanitarian concerns is because of my antipathy for the Jews, who have screwed every country on Earth with their lies. Yet a close friend reminded me the other day that he'd rather live next door to a Jew than a Muslim because a Jew would be less likely to cut his throat in the middle of the night than a Jew, though a Jew would be more likely to swindle him in any interaction than a Muslim would. Muslims, I have observed in the past, are quite honorable and moral people except that they aim to convert everyone to their religion and not reveal what they might do if things reached the point where everyone had to become a muslim or die, as is the case in some Muslim countries. But it's also the case in Israel, basically. Jews still spit on non Jews.

I guess my opinions about both are governed by my prejudices. The sympathy I feel for American Indians now moldering on their destitute and primitive reservations does not extend to my wanting to share their neighborhoods, and my friend is right, I would feel safer living next to a Jew in one of their upscale suburbs, though I can no longer imagine having the financial ability to live in one of those posh enclaves, as I have in the past.

I think the final answer must be, given the way the world is going now, considering the terrible financial and political conditions that have been foisted on us now, is that I feel more like a Palestinian than a Jew, because of the murder plot that has been carried out by the Jews against all the peoples of the world -- particularly the white ones -- and because of the worldwide financial strangulation of all the ordinary people in the world, most definitely being engineered by soulless Jew billionaires.

I am a poor old man trying to make ends meet and trying to act honorably in my final days and not a thoughtless financier secure in the knowledge that a corrupt society provides my clan every advantage as it obliterates the less fortunate members of society without a second thought about how this attitude produces dead children with bullet holes in their heads.

Count me as a Palestinian supporter mourning the loss of my murdered children and no friend to the psychotic and thoughtless Jews who kill people for fun and then dance about it. I am so ashamed that the government of my country endorses this disgusting, inhuman behavior.

Best wishes,
John Kaminski

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