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American Writer and Critic

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You know who they are


The Myth of the Good Jew

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Raping the world.

Murdering children and laughing about it.

Dancing on the corpses of people they have slaughtered.

Buying politicians.

Bribing hospital administrators with huge bonuses to kill their patients.

Recruiting people with no souls to pose as compassionate leaders.

Starting wars with contrived attacks, seeding public hysteria by killing a few of their own people to verify their own hollow claims of persecution.

Profiting off people’s misfortunes. Creating those misfortunes but making them look like accidents.

Poisoning the wells. Deliberately destroying the environment.

Commanding the media, excluding all other points of view.

Promoting poison products by advertising them as essential to your health.

Especially with poison medicines that they say will keep you alive but actually will kill you.

Homicidal mania disguised as Jewish ethics.

Bringing cross dressing perverts into schools to fondle innocent children and calling it education.

Arresting parents who protest their daughters being raped in middle school restrooms.

Turning men into women and women into blow-up dolls.

Incinerating profitable pieces of real estate with star wars technology that melt car radiators and turn corpses into talcum powder, so your missing loved ones can never be identified.

Paying hostile peasants from all over the world to come to America, overload its social systems, murder the current occupants and take over their properties.

Clogging up all social systems with sheer numbers so that nothing really works, all budgets are busted, most businesses are closed and people begin to starve to death.

Taking away their money and making sure there is no food to buy.

Converting law enforcement to an army of hired killers who no longer enforce the law but demolish it.

The world stands by and does nothing about it.

Many Muslims and Christians are really Jews but pretend not to know it. Some do.

It’s all about the real estate.

Gaza, condos on the new Ben Gurion canal. Acapulco, Maui, and the next lush area to be razed by terror from the sky, then developed to the max by celebrity criminals who drink blood and laugh at the peons they fleece. That would be you!

Comparing Palestinians being exterminated by Israelis with Jews being exterminated by the Germans is a deliberately false postulate invented by Jews. It was never National Socialist Germany’s intention to exterminate Jews; it was Germany’s objective to remove the Jews from their country by any means possible, but not by killing them.

The major difference with what Israel is doing is that Jews, following the instructions of their so-called holy book, want to kill everyone in the world who is not a Jew. Their Talmud commands them to do this.

The second major logical flaw is the myth of the good Jew, and it’s only the bad Jews who are the scourge of the world. Every Jew who believes in the Talmud believes it’s OK to kill non Jews with no penalty. Gaza is the foremost example of this practice, but so is the COVID mass murder plot, and so is the utter corruption of the U.S. Congress, the presidency and the Jewish owned media.

John Alan Martinson: The Myth of the Good Jew

Calling Jews Khazarian Mafia irritates me no end; it is just another example of Jews trying to distance themselves from their crimes.

Saying these are the bad Jews as opposed to the good Jews, and thinking of the Sephardic as opposed to the Ashkenazi as the good ones, makes me remind everyone that the legendary Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Joseph makes Ashkenazi despot Bennie “The Butcher” Netanyahu look like a Catholic choirboy by comparison.

Jews can never be judges, because they are enjoined by the Talmud to always favor a Jew over a non Jew; therefore they can never be impartial; therefore they are always unjust, inhuman, and should never be judges anywhere on this planet. I can’t help but think of three 9/11 Jewish judges — Hellerstein, Mukasey and I can’t remember the other guy.

All treason. All the time. All enemies of all humanity. Jews righteously insist they are the only true humans on the planet, and that everybody else is an animal, a beast, a cockroach, cattle. After three thousand years of this psychosis, Jews have proven far beyond a reasonable doubt that the exact opposite of their demented delusion is true.

They are decidedly not human and decidedly not healthy.

This is why it is so important to conduct a very public complete psychosocial examination of the Talmud. Every nook and cranny. Every twisted admonition. Every sick example of infantile sexual prejudice and practice, from playing with their own feces to biting the tips off their babies’ penises and calling it a religious ritual.

A ritual like that can only be worship of the devil. Left unchecked it will be the permanent destruction of everything human and holy, the destruction of the human species and God knows what else.

The responsibility to prevent this is nobody’s but yours. Let’s get on with whatever we have to do in order to survive, and restore some sense of righteousness to a world made mad by those who think they are better than everyone else. They deserve exactly what they are doing to everyone else, and they deserve it now.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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