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But there’s nobody left
to do what must be done


It should be crystal clear by now that Joe Biden should be fired because he was hired by the Jewish billionaires who run the world to destroy the United States, a task at which he has succeeded mightily.

Trouble is, there’s no one left to fire him. Paid-off politicians are all accomplices to all these bad decisions that have destroyed the country.

A phony epidemic set the stage for the fixed election of a brain dead candidate that began an omni level demolition of a supposedly democratic society which has for some decades if not centuries been dominated by financial interests far more interested in personal profits than in the security of the country they have pretended to serve.

The main problem now in removing this presidential tumor at the center of this terminal illness of the republic is that the entire structure of the U.S. government — down to even the local level — suffers from the same disease that has turned the White House and the nation’s capital into a crime syndicate whose fatally injured victims are the American people.

In addition to a curdled law enforcement apparatus that has completely purged its ranks of those with a modicum of integrity, the citizenry itself has been misled and deluded by a corrupt media apparatus wholly owned by the same billionaire reprobates who control all the politicians and demand of these stooges total obedience to their suicidal instructions.

Making matters worse is the same influence on America’s educational systems which have polluted what children are taught with a self-destructive campaign of frivolous garbage that has actually destroyed the younger generation’s ability to think at all.

Top it all off with the promotion of high tech toys that further undermine the ability to authentically relate to other people and instead teach kids to escape from reality with their electronic distractions and you have a perfect formula to render the citizenry totally incapable of defending themselves from this multilevel totalitarian takeover of their lives, which is now virtually complete.

Of course none of this has happened overnight. A brief look at past presidents and preposterous changes to laws reveals a steady sequence of sabotage and secrecy that has demolished the freedom we once thought we had but never really did.

A serious look at how the world wars were started or at the financial deceptions that have progressively swindled Americans out of their money reveals a steady scam that has now resulted in a nation of unemployed paupers with no viable industries to employ them. They’ve all been sold off to foreign entities by politicians getting rich.

We have never been told the truth about the two major swindles of the 21st century — 9/11 and the COVID fiasco — but they merely cap a history dominated by financial heists and needless wars. Merely enumerating the willing errors of the Biden years — killing the pipeline, opening the borders and torching designated locales by beams from above — paint a picture of deliberate destruction engineered by our untrustworthy authorities and sanctified by secrecy from our corrupt cops.

Now, as mentioned above, we possess no viable law enforcement apparatus capable of enforcing the laws against the leaders of our country that they so eagerly inflict on the rest of us.

Especially noticeable is the harassing abuse of former President Trump compared to the preposterous blindness to the numerous free passes given to Biden family bribes. This blatant favoritism also applies to the willingness of Soros-funded district attorneys releasing illegal immigrant murder suspects to kill again contrasted with the imprisonment of innocent citizens tricked into committing questionable crimes and receiving long prison sentences while attempting to be patriotic.

The turning of our schools into sexual sewers by warped rules declaring gender to be a choice rather than a reality has addled the minds of young people and further undermined their focus on learning to be self-sufficient individuals. Instead, their ability to think critically has been severely impaired as the principles of artificial intelligence rapidly destroy their ability to think at all.

You want to know what to do? I’ve told you what to do repeatedly for 20 years, but you’ve refused to listen. We are controlled by a foreign power and must get rid of every one of them if we are to survive. But instead we sit back and wring our hands and every one of our political leaders fights to be the most articulate supporters of those who murder thousands of children over an affront — just like 9/11 — which they created themselves.

These creeps are making war on life itself and we’re too stupid to figure it out.

If the American people still retained their ability to think, they would reject what their authorities tell them and respond with definitive violence on those who have stolen their freedom. But instead, they turn on their TVs and are told to put on their masks, remain in their homes, and submit to another jab that will eventually kill them, even though they were never really sick.

The real sickness is their unwillingness to understand what they’re hearing, because they’re too afraid to lose what they have. Critical thought would reveal that without truth, they have nothing.

And as T.S. Eliot once said, this is the way their world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Or perhaps with the 28 million illegals who have been deliberately imported, more likely with a scream.


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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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