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Americans and Israelis
bear responsibility for
mass murder in Gaza

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It’s nice to be vindicated, but it’s no reason to stop sounding the alarm.

For 20 years people have been calling me an anti-Semite for stories I’ve written — “9/11 is a hoax,” “Jews don’t believe in freedom of speech,” and “Quack Attack” — and now the truth is all coming out as the world and cities and towns everywhere teeter on the brink of a deliberately planned destabilization of societies everywhere accompanied by this major culling of the population specifically planned by billionaires and executed by their soulless flunkie doctors and politicians.

In their slavish support for Israel and the lying Jews, all Americans are responsible for this unprecedented mass murder in Gaza, tens of thousands of Palestinians deliberately slaughtered because of a fake provocation set up by Israel murdering its own citizens — just like 9/11 — to justify their slaughter scheme.

This reminds me of a story I wrote in 2011 titled “Just another Hebrew pharaoh” which included this morsel of mayhem . . .

2 Sam 8:5-6 5 And when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah, David slew of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men. 6 Then David put garrisons in Syria of Damascus: and the Syrians became servants to David, and brought gifts. And the LORD preserved David whithersoever he went. (KJV)

The time has come for Americans to show some integrity to admit their faults and abandon their support for the insane mass murderers in Israel. We don’t expect Jews to be able to do that because they have no integrity and never admit their faults. They can’t, or the world would slaughter them and treat them the way they treat everyone else.

The original story I had been writing went like this . . .

A question for the ages

What have the Jews done for the world?


They even killed their own citizens
using corrupt doctors, silent nurses
afraid of losing their jobs


Please tell me what the Jews have done for the world.

As the hateful homicidal maniacs known collectively as Israelis, psychotic inhabitants of the world’s foremost disgusting outlaw state, rain bombs down on helpless babies while their helpless mothers lie dead in the dust of merciless carnage caused by weapons furnished by the United States of America . . . the people of the world wring their hands and do nothing.

This is the story of Gaza, the demise of Israel and the evisceration of the USA and all those other cowardly countries who thought they were free but lacked the courage to stand up for what they said they believed.

Here is the list of the achievements of the Jews in their ceaseless attempts to manufacture Armageddon, as they are commanded to by their unholy holy book, The Talmud

• The World Wars were insufficient. Only 65 million dead.

• The capture of the British royal family by deception. James Rothschild was the father of Queen Victoria. The current Prince William is Jewish from both sides of his family.

• The Rothschilds made their first loan to the Vatican in 1823.

• A worldwide plague inflicted by Jewish doctors continues. Whistleblowers are immediately put in jail. 17 million dead and counting.

• A phony Russian revolution lasting nearly a century. 100 million dead.

• Chinese Communism furnished by a Jewish plan from Yale University. 60 million dead.

• Europe overrun by the savage hordes the noble African leader Muammar Gadhafi sought to contain. Africa’s greatest leader murdered by America’s first black president.

• And now 28 million illegal aliens, facilitated by debit cards and smart phones furnished by America’s religious elite, just waiting for a signal from their billionaire benefactors to pick up their weapons and slaughter the American population, already severely deformed by toxic skies and foul water, crippled by designer diseases and devastating cures, misled by curdled commentators and pervert teachers into cutting off their genitals and imprisoning their distraught parents who only wanted a better life but instead can now expect no future at all.

Likewise the Palestinians, buried in the rubble of insane malignant narcissists who claim they were the only real humans on the planet but who have proved beyond doubt that they are the only ones who aren’t.

No future at all, courtesy of the Jews, who always insisted they were better than everybody else, which got themselves kicked out of 130 countries before they impersonated all the royalty, commandeered all the cash, taught everyone to rape and mutilate their own children, wallow in their blood and even eat their private parts.

This is what Jews have done to the world. They were allowed to do this by white cowards too busy to notice their country was being destroyed. Actually they were bribed to ignore the threat. And they took the bribe. Today you can watch them playing on their smart phones while the world burns.

Jews dominate the world through their control of money. They have no consciences, only ledger books and lots of jewelry.

In America they have controlled the White House and every president — except the ones they assassinated — since the War Between the States and before. They control every member of Congress since Cynthia McKinney got run out of Washington, with the exception of Thomas Massie.

They control the universities, where they teach everyone to become Communist homosexuals. They control the public school system, in which lesbian teachers urge students to cut off their genitals and their breasts. They allow recently paroled sex criminals to fondle kindergarten students in Drag Queen Story Hours which are applauded by amused and unconscious parents in most cases.

They control the media, allowing governments to dictate what the online giants may publish and promote, and what programming will best keep the brain dead zombie citizens entrained to believe falsehoods and practice addictive rituals that will invariably harm themselves.

They poison the food supply and insist toxic medicines are good for you.

They control professional sports, where they have long manipulated the gambling syndicates who control which teams will win championships.

They control the movie industry, where all the actors are gay drug addicts, all the writers are sex pervert Communists and all the producers are Israeli drug and weapons smugglers.

They control the law enforcement apparatus, imprisoning those who espouse the outmoded values of patriotism, honor and integrity and reward those participating in the chaotic destruction of society which increases the profits of the weapons industry.

I could go on, but we won’t if we continue to allow the soulless Jews, a collection of perverted mass murderers, to run rampant over the world.

What would you do if attacked by a rabid dog intent on killing you? Just ignore it?

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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