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Parasites killing the host


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Jewish world psychopathy, infecting every country with their irresistible bribes and insincere promises, which they never keep.

So this is the face of Bill Gates’s idea of population control. No, not needles in the arms of virile young men on soccer fields, terminating their lives in poisoned paroxysms of pharmaceutical perfidy. I’m talking about bombs from above, obliterating useless eaters where they stand, condemned by the Talmud for being ordinary, innocent humans who never wanted to kill anybody. I’m talking about Gaza.

Little Arab babies lined up on a cement slab, their faces swabbed in dust and caked dry blood, their dreams, the dreams of little kids who just wanted to go out and play, their dreams are frozen in time, just like their bodies turned to instant kosher statues, rigid and cold, with perhaps a bullethole in their foreheads, neatly wrapped in plastic shrouds, their grief stricken parents whose hearts are wracked by the pain of knowing their lives had come to this, their kids lying dead in the dust of civilization turned to dust, while smarmy Jews in faraway synagogues smugly sneer and say, “This is the way it had to be, those Amalek, they are so bad, we knew we had to kill them to get them off the land God promised to us,” they muttered snidely on the ruined patch of desert they had stolen not so many years before.

No one in world history has ever been as bad as the people who have done this. And they have done this for thousands of years. Remember the 250,000 Cassius Dio said Jews had killed on Cyprus in the days of the Roman Empire, made ghastly fashion ornaments out of shards of corpses they had slaughtered and eaten as the blood oozed from their foul mouths as they screamed insane epithets about anti-semitism. Remember the hundred million Christians they murdered in the frozen gulags of Russia while inflicting Communist dementia on starving peasants over the course of the early 20th century.

In order to pull off today’s mad caper in Gaza, Jewish soldiers had to gun down a bunch of their own neighbors to make their feigned outrage look convincing — what’s a few more dead bodies here and there, when it comes to making the Holy Land fit for the Chosen People? That’s all this was, kosher population control; they’ve been practicing it for years. It makes you wonder how they think about themselves, as they kill people for sport, even their own kinsmen as the price they pay to keep themselves insane and show the world just how it’s done.

Maybe the worst of it is not the homicidal maniacs teaching their children to hate everyone and kill the human grasshoppers they revile, maybe the worst of it is really the American politicians in their finely tailored suits and rancid rhetoric inflexibly vomiting support for this cruel carnage, recklessly raving about how Israeli has a right a defend itself, not ever once thinking, amidst the filthy lucre rich Jews have showered them with, about how Israelis could ever defend themselves from themselves, as anyone who would kill their neighbors for show and then blame it on the people they wanted to kill could never be trusted by anyone anywhere, which is the situation we face now in the world about the Jews.

By murdering 20,000 people in a vengeful plot they designed themselves, the Jews have signed their own death warrant, and that work, conducted by all the righteous people in the world, should begin at once. It’s called pest control, and the human species, if they plan on staying alive, should finally realize what they have to do to do so.

But of course they won’t. Have you noticed? The world is being suicided by Jews who pretend to be the faithful citizens of the countries they intend to sabotage, swindle and slaughter like the psychopathological perverts they are and have always been.

Keep listening to the TV networks they own, the newspapers they run, and the misguided children they ruin at an early age by getting them to cut off their balls or breasts in operations that have never-ever once been successful, making them forever useless and sterile formerly healthy human beings. They’ll tell you to kill yourself, just like the Jews always tell you, and if you listen long enough, you will, one way or the other.

By looking the other way we assure that this is already happening, and you really can’t blame anybody but yourself for sitting on your hands and doing nothing about it.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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