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Religion is the enemy of knowledge. Every single bit of knowledge threatens every preposterous claim of religious authorities.

This concealment affects every single aspect of our lives. Secret deals and timely immunity from laws for the favored few sabotage our own government and guarantee that crime pays.

These are the values religion has imposed upon the world. An unchallengeable authority never regulates itself and must eventually be overthrown in order to be cleansed by the light of day.

Rather than protect us from the crimes of the world as they are supposed to do, religious leaders walk arm-in-arm with tyrants who grant them their right to fleece their flocks in exchange for sanctioning their unjust wars with self-serving hyperbole.


Indelible facts seared into children’s brains send people off to war. Only later do we run across the story of Gen. Smedley Butler and realize we’ve been scammed into making money for bankers who have no regard for any kind of life.

If a religion’s spirituality is fraudulent, the entirety of its social system is a lie, because justice does not rule, and only the whims of the plantation owners determine what happens to the world. This is not freedom and liberty, it is slavery and tyranny, dangerously destructive to everyone.

And this is the world we have.

Traitors to God

No religion has ever been immune to this heart-rending emotional treason. Because they regard their survival as more important than their message, all of their actions become prejudiced toward the maintenance of their own myths regardless of whatever true facts may be established.

All religions are mechanisms for dispensing power and control over badly educated people not swift enough to see how they are being used. All religions offer escape from death by believing in magic formulas.

The real lesson of death guarantees love for our children, and nothing is more important than that, which is why the Jews are trying to wipe it out. By urging the government steal children from parents who oppose the Jewish version of reality whenever they can, their aim is to control everyone’s life from conception to immolation.

Then, there will be no talk of freedom.

Religious similarities

The Muslims get all the blame for this false flag terror when in reality Al-Qaeda and ISIS aren’t Islamic terrorists, they’re thugs from all over the world, hired by the Jewish American war machine through its Saudi proxies to form a perfect enemy, useful in all situations.

This doesn’t mean ordinary Muslims are not guilty of atrocities, as they rape children in German swimming pools. Many Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis fall into the same category.

The Jews’ holy books repeatedly say it’s OK for them to rob and kill non Jews, because the rest of humanity are nothing but beasts, not possessed of the holy soul Jews insist they possess. The outward objective of the Jewish philosophy is to rob, enslave and/or kill all the non Jews of the world, a project they embrace with sadistic gusto. Just ask a Palestinian, or observe the current condition of any of the countries today which are dominated by a Jewish central bank.

Your life depends on understanding this connection.

Finally, the various Christian denominations have their own horrendous crimes to hide from the public.

The Church of Rome amassed the largest fortune in the world (before it was all stolen by the Rothschilds) while covering up a secret culture of raping children, which today has now spread into the highest enclaves of power. You must realize all these various Christians creeds were created by either secret Jews or their lackeys, so that today many Christian Zionists are taught that the state of Israel is much more important than the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christianity itself is the product of a Jew, Saul of Tarsus, who found a way to destroy the Roman empire when he became Paul, writer of much of the New Testament.

Today’s scandal involves the Lutheran church, which is making tons of money by collecting rewards for each and every savage from Somalia it can place in Minnesota, not so unwittingly doing the work of the Jews to destabilize cultures they are sabotaging.

Shocking absence of morality

But what most astounds me most is this widespread and total absence of morality in America’s dialogue with itself. I just can’t imagine anyone looking in the mirror and convincing themselves America is doing good in the world by blowing up countries the Jews or the Saudis (same tribe) want destroyed.

The artificial reality put forth by Jewish media has numbed the American conscience with false flag terror and media twisting that blames the American people for the crimes of its puppet leaders who execute the orders of the people with enough money to run the world.

America is rampaging around the world murdering leaders it doesn’t like. That’s happening in the United States, too, with the epidemic of murdered doctors Big Pharma doesn’t like. No investigation of this tragedy means the government is clearly involved.

But as we proved in World War II, America never has a second thought about the innocent blood that is shed deliberately, simply to make large amounts of money. As I gaze upon today’s world with horror and shame, I wonder what these people are teaching their children and how the result of that teaching has been the absolute pollution of human society and life on Earth.


The thing most people still don’t understand is that if you truly believe in a lie, then all these other smaller lies will besiege you for the rest of your life and totally disrupt your quest for the truth. This tsunami of lies will never let you rest.

9/11 is a good example of this. Once lodged in the American psyche it became an excuse to declare everyone an enemy and invade anywhere. But as the snake eats its own tale, so this attitude about destroying countries and people who don’t obey the dictates of the World Bank now extends inward and consumes the very people who voted to put these maniacs in power, thanks to the recommendation of those media outlets owned by the criminals.

Your confusion will no longer permit you to distinguish between lies and the truth, and like some hapless drug addict, you will choose what is most convenient and most profitable to you and seldom consider what is actually good for you and everybody else around you.

It was the offer of a free lunch to hapless immigrants that led to this incredible lead balloon they call the welfare system. It led to a dependent and dysfunctional population and the robbery of the middle class. How many stories have we all read about welfare recipients making more money than people with actual jobs. <>

With the Lubavitchers now firmly in control of both the government and the media, the shrinkage of permitted thought has accelerated to the point where real history has been completely obliterated and the fake history of the Jewish takeover of world society becomes our mandatory reality.

Without the mastery of these fabricated details, we will not have access to money or be able to get a job.

In this outlaw condition those with no access will quickly be shunted to work camps and processed for retraining and suitability.

Jews have gotten away with so much for so long that they think they’re entitled to everything, your money — and your life. Of course, so do Christianity and Islam as well.

We have all been tricked into killing other people with whom under ordinary circumstances we could have been friends.

Blessing the massacres

Our prosperity is based on the continuing mass murder of innocent people all over the world. As weapons and their control systems form the largest slice of America’s gross national product, so concealing how that money was actually made becomes the No. 1 objective of mainstream media, all of which are owned by the same megalomaniacs who own the government and are these days called the Deep State.

It’s not so much that people participate in the actual killing as it is people turn their backs on unpleasant facts so they can deny their guilt at a later time by insisting they just didn’t know what the people they said they respected were actually doing.

Though most Americans would describe themselves as peace-loving, the land they live in and the people who live in it owe their prosperity and their peace of mind to the sale of weapons of death to psychotic megalomaniacs all over the world. They push buttons in Las Vegas to obliterate wedding parties in Afghanistan so the heroin can keep flowing to the addicts of the world, courtesy of the CIA.

And our religious leaders, all gussied up in their black robes and sparkling baubles, say that’s all just fine with them.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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