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This is a message to all those trendy writers and hot shot social critics out there, especially the ones who talk about Satanism and don’t make the connection to the lethal menace now threatening everything we own. If you’re not clued into the Jewish worldwide murder machine, with the Israelis, the Sanhedrin and the London bankers doing the planning and the brain-damaged American goyim doing the killing, then you’re part of the problem.

We are talking about the enemy of everything that lives, who has inserted its lethal tentacles into every country on Earth, and is strangling the life out of each and every one.


Either by innate ignorance or some fat check that gets slipped into your pocket by scumbags conspiring to wreck the world, you have no clue about what’s really going on. Humanity is being turned into a race of docile, dependent droids, unable to actually think for ourselves because of all the kosher misinformation we continue to swallow every single second of our rapidly shrinking lives.

Two streams of thought dominate American political debate today and neither one is either valid or healthy. Both are based on lies, and there is no room left for the truth as Jewish newspapers twist American minds into slavery and sadism.

Politicians slide easily between one party and the other. There’s an old Greek quote I can never find that recommends never having either a politician nor a lawyer as your leader, because their lives are devoted to being paid for what they say, thereby invalidating any pretense they may offer as proof of their integrity.

False opposition and the artificial reality

It is so important to remember that the thugs in Washington supposedly representing the American people gassed those hundreds of children in Syria — twice! — and tried to blame it on the Syrian president. Are you proud you can take credit for killing all those children? And can you begin to comprehend what a Jew-driven monster the American murder machine is today?

The ideological leader of the U.S. is John McCain, who tells us to do what the Jews say and everything will be fine. He is the one American who meets frequently with the terrorists known as ISIS, and no doubt had a hand in arranging the false flag murders of those children.

Atrocities such as this are what America is best known for around the world, total untrustworthiness and an utter lack of compassion. Just go ask a native American.

Lately I’ve become more afraid to ask if people care about these things. The very people we have been trying to wake up have now become our greatest danger, because they have knuckled under to the system and will turn you in for thought crimes against the state in order to curry favor with the authorities who will then use them as snitches. Think 9/11 skeptics movement . . .


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