John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Hi John, Mike Walsh (Spain),

I have severed my links with Renegade Tribune (Kyle and Sinead). My 402nd column objectively reported on Central Europe that popular Hungary’s Prime Minister was negatively viewed by the EU’s élite.

Kyle was furious (not for the first time). He said I should have deplored Orban’s surrender of the fugitive, Horst Mahler. I pointed out 1) Mahler for over 30 years was a kingpin in the Red Army Faction. The RAF slaughtered many innocents. 2) In Europe, the legal process is independent of parliament. Whatever Orban’s take he cannot override the law.

Kyle reluctantly posted and then allowed even encouraged, trolls to shit all over me, my stories, my reputation, etc. No 1 at promoting RT I told him no more; I am not providing PR for those who troll me.

Kyle has removed me from the editorial list; I had posted twice as many as No 2 columnist (him). In effect, all my stories are now removed, hidden. Great guy!  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock says Kyle treated you badly too. Okay, that is something else you and I have in common. Salute.


Ed: Mike Walsh’s work can be seen in many places but most especially at The Ethnic European <>


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