John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Phoenicians, Egyptians and Hyksos:
Prehistoric psychopathological politics,
depravity, deception and dementia,
still dominate our world today

As rabid black people burn cities to protest who they are and what they have become, their inchoate anger triggers a rebound rage as the eyes of the world stare back at them and ask who they really are and what are they trying to be? And when there is no one left to hate, people begin to hate themselves for letting the world slide into resentment and jealousy that infects life itself with its own special kind of chronic wasting disease. Worldwide necrosis soon follows. You see it as the leaves of trees turn black and cities crumble into cellophane, broken buildings and people being poisoned by doctors.

Do the swindles of yesteryear pertain to today’s catastrophic scams. Why does it all look so familiar?

Why do we always get the feeling that they’re hiding something from us? It is because they always have been.

In a locked down world, predators prey on the cognitively impaired masses while the world suffocates on its own fumes. 

The epitaph is written. Men swindle themselves out of their own lives.

The pattern repeats until time stands still.

Birth of the psychopaths?

The corpse of America is smoldering into a bloated state of rigor mortis. Starvation, disease and official lies dominate the American future as it degenerates into premeditated, unimaginable horror. The government can no longer insist it is acting in the best interests of the people.

When the people you have been taught to trust lie to you, you know your civilization has already been destroyed. And you know you are in a prison in which your life will be in constant danger, unless you do something about it.

Will we be just another piece of space junk floating in an asteroid belt of imbecility, or continue out into the known universe of time, space and mind with a preexisting reputation of piranha in the Amazon voraciously devouring everything in our path?

Human history is a curse that all too clearly demonstrates our worst instincts. Continued use of this behavioral model is a certain recipe for extinction, as I have written elsewhere.

Miles Mathis, renowned for his erudite genealogical precision and Russ Winter, verbal sculptor of an acutely conscious contemporary website , have each fashioned authoritative examinations of ancient history that paint a picture disturbingly similar to the psychotic political machinations besieging us today.

Widely panned as a conspiracy theorist by those covering up the constant false flag crimes but possessed of an uncommon ability to ask questions most are afraid to ask, Mathis speculates that the legendary Phoenicians were the invisible power brokers behind the great empires of Persia, Greece and Egypt, much in the same way that Jewish bankers ensconced in London now manipulate most of the world’s commerce and information.

And in an astonishing compilation of 2nd century BC scholarship, Winter unveils the presence of the Hyksos — who match up genealogically with today’s international bankers — hijacking three centuries of ancient Egypt’s history before finally being dislodged by the shifting forces of time.

Both Mathis and Winter believe the real story of control of humanity has been hidden behind a constant smokescreen of cutting edge PR all this time.

Where Did All the Phoenicians Go?
By Miles Mathis

Though the usual suspects would howl at his habit of calling today’s Jews Phoenicians, the name is not only NOT outrageous; it is in fact perfectly accurate.

Phoenicians were a naval power before anyone else had one, plus they invented the alphabet that is pretty much the same one we use today, two tremendous advantages that enabled them to dominate the ancient world. Their semi monopoly on iron production put them in control of the Mediterranean around 1200 BC because everybody else possessed vastly inferior bronze weapons. The parallel today would be Jews as controllers of world currency, high technology and ultra sophisticated weaponry.

The great Homer, author of Western Civilization’s oldest books, was really a Phoenician and his masterpiece known as The Odyssey is really a tour guide to various Phoenician ports of that time, according to Mathis.

Phoenician dominance has been concealed throughout millennia as its center of power moved throughout the Mediterranean and far beyond, yet in each place becoming known as a different tribe or nationality, but really being an outpost of Phoenician civilization. Mathis writes:

So it is very suspicious to see Persia arising overnight from nowhere and immediately taking over the world. Like all the more recent stories concerning the Phoenicians, it makes no sense. Huge empires shouldn't be built overnight. The Roman Empire took centuries to create, so seeing Persia pop up and take over the world just as Phoenicia is supposedly dying is a huge red flag.

We have questions about political rivalries today. Are we really facing enemies or just designated contestants in a continuing fear scam in which middle men conspire to steal the assets of both producers and consumers?

So what was the point of faking or managing these battles between Persia, Sparta, Athens, Thebes, etc? It was the same point as now: to drink from the treasuries for manufactured or faked events, while making people think Athens, Sparta and Persia were independent states or empires. When in fact they were all Phoenician outposts, run for profit by the Phoenician navy.

This begs today’s question, as we conceal naked aggression behind righteous religious rhetoric.

But the Phoenician navy had already figured out by 1000 BC or so that relying on trade was a meager way to drink from local treasuries. It was much more efficient to gain control of each treasury directly, by installing their people in all the major cities as kings, queens, or archons. The easiest way to do this was through marriage, but where that failed, as in Athens, their people could be installed as admirals, generals, or assemblymen, voting huge sums for fake or managed projects. Again, just like now.

Has anybody seen John Kerry? Or Mitt Romney? Or Joe Biden? Oh, wait, they actually elected that last ignominious name in this ill-starred group of sociopathic economic hit men.

In fact, we see that only recently have the Phoenicians made major changes to their protocol. Their go-to method of major theft from the treasury was for centuries war, with construction projects being a secondary method. But in the past few centuries they have added many new gambits to their playbook, and they can now drink from the treasury with fake science, fake art, and fake events of all kinds.

As we are seeing with the coronavirus, they can also drink from the treasury to the tune of billions of dollars for fake pandemics. Just about any method for creating fear or confusion can be used to steal money from the treasury, with no questions asked.

And the eternal victims still spin the misleading, made-for-TV history.

Alexander's jaunt around the world was just a grand Phoenician holiday or gay cruise, which the fake historians later refashioned into a conquest. I would bet that the famous historians who sold us these events were Phoenician as well, and that they were paid very well to create these tall tales, which not only glorified these otherwise detestable little people like Alexander and Philip, but also acted as propaganda in dozens of other ways.

Any similarity to current events is definitely not coincidental.

To start with they covered up the role of Phoenicia in the first millennium BC, recasting these worldwide governors as a minor merchant and naval entity. We have seen the same thing throughout more recent history, as the Jews have been recast as eternal victims and casualties of war, instead of the hidden rulers they actually are.

Examining the Real Egyptian History
of the Hyksos, the Hebrews and the Exodus
By Russ Winter

Livestock were history’s first currency. Russ Winter writes:

The Hyksos were characterized as “smart, pushy and rude.” Most likely, they were traders and merchants who were at first welcomed at the northeastern Egyptian city of Avaris. Their specialty was livestock. The Hyksos prospered in the Nile Delta and sent word to their friends and family to come join them. What resulted was a large population of Hyksos/Hebrews. They were eventually able to exert political control and then military power over Lower Egypt. The nation was split in two.

The creator of Winter Watch lines up significant evidence.

▪ Are the Old Testament’s accounts of Abraham and his cohort showing up in Egypt during the rise of the Hyksos merely a coincidence?

▪ And the story of Joseph follows in the same place and general timeline. Genesis 41 describes how, in 1670 B.C., Joseph, a Semite Hebrew, became Vizier to the Hyksos Pharaoh, who was also a Semite.

After a description of how Joseph’s mob took over Egypt, Winter makes a compelling case that the Hyksos were the proto-Jews.

Genesis 46 describes how in 1660 B.C., the large Hebrew clan of Jacob (Joseph’s long-lost, estranged brother) moves into the richest part of the Nile Delta, called Goshen, at the invitation of the “Hyksos” — sheer coincidence. Avaris is in the heart of Goshen. In recent years, it has been excavated and contains remains of Semite foreigners and articles, not natives.

And about that fellow everyone seems to venerate . . .

Moses, who the Bible says lived 130 years (probably as folk etymology, meaning the House of Moses or some powerful Jewish family), was a political official of Pharaoh Hatshepsut (1507–1458 B.C., ruled 1478-1458 B.C.). Indeed, the Bible tells us that this female pharaoh “found baby Moses by the river” and raised him as her own. That would be roughly 1490 B.C.

Imagine, making up news of a war that never happened. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

When the Hebrew Jews (formerly Hyksos) arrived in the Promised Land after the “exodus,” there were no Canaanites left to defeat – only subjugate and exterminate. The area was already a client state of Egypt.

Was there more than one Exodus?

Josephus identifies the Israelite exodus with the first exodus mentioned by the Greco-Egyptian priest Manetho, when some 480,000 Hyksos “shepherd kings” left Egypt for Jerusalem. This was 125 years after the Hyksos fell from rule. But did the Hyksos (Hebrews) just immediately pack up and completely leave Egypt, or did some — or even most — just meld into society and stay?

Three centuries after the arrival of biblical “Abraham,” Winter writes, they had already melded in or were Egyptianized.

And what of a second Exodus identified by Apion, when a renegade Egyptian priest called Osarseph led 80,000 “lepers” to rebel against Egypt? The Greco-Egyptian source Manetho alleges that this heretic priest changed his name to Moses. Most scholars do not interpret lepers and leprous priests as literally referring to a disease but rather to a strange and unwelcome new belief system. This second exodus date was set at around 1260 B.C.

Manetho specifically identified the Jews with the Hyksos and Moses as those “who had been harming the population of Egypt.”

Imagine that. Picking on the poor Jews in 500 BC.

According to Lysimachus of Alexandria, “The Jewish nation stems from the impure and undesirable elements who had been expelled from Egyptian society. Their leader, Moses, taught them to hate all mankind, and their opposition to the temples of other nations typifies their entire approach.”

Winter writes that the Roman historian Tacitus picked up on a similar misanthropic narrative on the outcast story of the Jews as Manetho, Lysimachus and others.

“Most authorities, however, agree on the following account. The whole of Egypt was once plagued by a wasting disease which caused bodily disfigurement. So pharaoh . . . went to the oracle . . . to ask for a cure, and was told to purify his kingdom by expelling the victims to other lands, as they lay under a divine curse. Thus a multitude of sufferers was rounded up, herded together, and abandoned in the wilderness.”

About their physical trademark.

They have introduced the practice of circumcision to show that they are different from others. Proselytes to Jewry adopt the same practices, and the very first lesson they learn is to despise the gods, shed all feelings of patriotism, and consider parents, children and brothers as readily expendable.

What to do about all this?

Kids are the best therapy. But somebody should tell Hillary Clinton that you’re not supposed to eat them.

To whom do we turn? To pedophile priests and rapist rabbis, or blood drinking politicians who hang people from doorknobs when they say too much?

There are only two genders. The remaining zippy zephyrs are pure psychoses, encouraged by the puppetmasters for purposes of nation destabilization and family destruction.

Suddenly, we can no longer ignore the intensification of darkness in all aspects of our lives, almost as if contempt has replaced forthrightness in the Deep State’s mandatory social lexicon. It is the Jews’ way to make us hate ourselves.

Mathis and Winter have produced dynamite testimony about the roots of the dark forces who rule us today.

And who apparently plan to do away with most of us. Have you received your vaccination yet? If so, then you too will soon be ancient history.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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